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Do you feel stuck in a rut in your home city? Tired of the 9-5 cubicle life? Wondering how to find a great job abroad that does not involve teaching English? If you are a savvy writer with a flair for communicating online, our digital marketing agency is looking for someone to fill in our SEO writer job vacancy. This is essentially a creative remote writing job (SEO skills can be learned), so if you’re a superstar wordsmith, you might qualify.

Ardor SEO is an Australian-owned marketing agency serving an international roster of business clients. Our clients need high end content, while our in-house team needs a deft email persuader to broker collaborations with other websites. This is a job for expats – native English speakers only, preferably from the United States (most of our clients are American).

Expat backpacker in Asia

This might be a path to trade your professionalism and writing skills for a life-changing experience.

As you'd expect for writing jobs for remote SEO, you are free to work from any location in the world. However, since most of our senior team is based in Southeast Asia, the initial training will take place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The training is unpaid, but your flight and hotel will be provided – that way, we split the risk in case things don’t work out. So, move to Asia for a dream writing job with Ardor today!

SEO writer job remote position description

Half of your time will be providing content (for our SEO team) and editorial direction (for our writing team). In general, this means coming up with article ideas, editing writer-submitted content, publishing articles and making social media posts. The other half of your time will be spent working as an outreach coordinator with our outreach team. This means reaching out to partner websites for link exchanges, and seeing email communications through to successful completion.

Required skill set

Writing: you have online writing samples that show technical writing experience, and feature article writing experience.
WordPress: proficient in WordPress publishing and html formatting.
SEO: basic knowledge of SEO fundamentals (particularly in relation to content).
● Admin: skilled with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.
● Project management: you will mainly be managing projects, rather than completing tasks.

Although we’re looking for people open to travel and remote working situations, we’re not looking for gap-year thrill seekers. Unlike with other remote jobs Asia wide, this position is highly demanding and will require impeccable communication and collaborative skills. Your work will often be criticised. Your email inbox and Skype will blow up, as clients and co-workers blitz you with problems to solve.

Staff testimonials

Canadian Anil Ramsey has worked as a Project Manager at Ardor for three years. He’s currently based in Cambodia. “Life is really simple here, and prices are around 1/3 of what they are in Toronto.” A long-time media professional, he feels that a location-independent creative job from a SE Asia base is ideal. “As long as productivity keeps up, the hours are flexible. I love working in intense bursts, then taking long breaks to hang by the pool or work out.”

Londoner Sam Mortimer is a recent addition to Ardor as an SEO Specialist. Currently based in London, he’s setting up his plans to settle somewhere in Southeast Asia. “The work has been super challenging, but I got lots of support – over time I’ve digested the concepts, learned the workflows… it definitely gets easier.” Regarding his impending move to Asia, he admits the incentive is partly financial, but more about improving his quality of life. “London is very poor value for money when compared to a place like Saigon. But I’m most looking forward to the expat lifestyle – so many things to see and do, life becomes a daily adventure.”

Check out other staff testimonials on Glassdoor.

Send in your Application

  1. Confirm that you meet the writing, WordPress, SEO, admin and project management qualifications listed above.
  2. Send us two creative writing samples and one technical writing sample.
    Confirm your understanding of the arrangement (free flight and hotel, unpaid training, tentative chance of long-term contract).

This SEO outreach job remote opportunity to get out into the world and start a lucrative career in a robust industry. Do you have the skills that we’re looking for? Are you looking to change your life? Interested in being a part of the mobile entrepreneurial lifestyle through writing jobs in Asia? Fill in the form below to get started:

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