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Jared Codling

New Hack Every Week

Kris really knows his stuff - I guess when you outsource SEO, you always have this risk of the cheap mercenaries not giving a F about your business. Because Kris actually understands business; he acts as this awesome 'translator' to his team. So you get a great price, and a great result (and lets face it, in SEO a bad result means a penalty, so you don't want to play with fire here)!

Brian Lacey

Involvement Volunteers International

Kris's unique SEO service literally transformed our organizations sales in less than 1 year. Within months we were noticing an uplift in inquiries and conversions and this trend has continued month over month, year over year and is continuing to grow!

We've moved from hopeless 3rd & 4th page of Google to 1st page top 5-10 for almost every targeted keyword. I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to Kris for helping us unlock the potential of our little organization and helping us build a sustainable online business. His services are incredible value.

Joshua Jarvis

Blueprint Digital

When Kris approached me I gotta say I was skeptical. There is a lot of spam on Linkedin. I'm thankful that Kris persisted. Kris is one of the few guys in the digital marketing and SEO space that gets what agency needs and knows how to support the company's strategy. From day 1, Kris has been attentive and eager to please. It's nice to do business with someone who wants to serve.