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Originally from the United States, Adelle is currently based in Cambodia, while remaining connected with the world remotely. She actively supports her local community, as well as bridges the gap between vegans and the online vegan community.

Why would I want a date with Adelle?

Adelle is a passionate vegan + advocate for the earth, hoping to help your business + the community thrive! With a background of international business, marketing + management, and product development, she is able to address all aspects of your business’s needs.

With a team of dedicated vegan SEO and digital marketing experts by your side, your growth potential is limitless.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work towards a more compassionate future, together!



What does this service provide? There are two possible answers:

We craft a customised strategy for your business that helps you to reach more vegans, increase your online traffic, and rank higher on Google, ultimately resulting in more customers coming from your website.

In addition, we are offering free vegan content for your website. Writing up articles for your website can take a lot of time and energy which could be better spent elsewhere. We write the content and we can even post it for you to make sure that the images are properly set, the meta data and title tags are fully optimized, retain the internal linking, and make sure you get the most out of this free support.


Is this service only open to vegan people?

This service is for vegan-friendly businesses, or companies owned by vegans. You can ask yourself these questions: Is your product or service aim to give more to the world than it takes away? Does it promote sustainability, help stop animal cruelty, help protect the environment, or is it just run by a vegan? We care about helping businesses who are conscious of these issues and want to move towards a more compassionate future.


How do I know if my business qualifies?

Ask yourself the questions in question 2. Your business doesn’t need to be strictly vegan but could be helping promote just one aspect of it. For example, you sell environmentally friendly toiletries, or your CEO is vegan. Your business definitely won’t qualify if it has non-vegan qualities and sell products or services that go against the above.


How can Adelle help me?

Adelle has a wealth of experience with both veganism and business and how the two work together, and uses this knowledge to help vegan businesses grow. She can help you discover your big selling points and goals, and show you why you might not be reaching your potential within your online market. We then use this to create a strategy to grow your website’s online presence and customer base.

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