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Nowadays, if you plan to conduct your activities manually as a realtor, you’ll go out of business. The Internet has expanded the housing market, allowing real estate agents to reach more customers. Consequently, this also means more agents are coming on board.

The competition in the industry is at its zenith. As an agent, you need dependable real estate marketing tools to stay ahead of the curve. These can range from CRMs to digital marketing tools, lead generation tools, and other tech tools.

Notably, when joining a brokerage, checking the real estate agent tools they offer is critical. At Homes by Ardor, we always advise agents to use only the best platforms with the right software to scale up their efforts. 

In that view, we took our time to review some top companies in the US real estate industry. Outlined below are the tools and other software which these brokerages provide agents.

Available Real Estate Marketing Tools for Agents From Top Brokerages

1. Keller Williams

If you’re interested in joining Keller Williams Realty, here are the real estate tools you get:

Marketing Tools

The KW Cloud ranks among the top real estate marketing platforms, and it supports many tools. However, most of them are third-party tools available in the marketplace. Among the multiple options available, the Market My Listing tool stands out. You can leverage the tool for listing marketing to create diverting digital media.

Automation Tools

Keller Williams Command technology offers several automation tools to real estate agents. These tools are handy for lead generation, as they let you employ automated follow-ups with customers. In addition, you can automate your client appointments and deals. It's worth noting that you do all these from a streamlined, intuitive dashboard.

Data Tools

Keller Williams Realty offers one of the best tools for market reports with the KW App. In particular, the app features tools for managing client data. And subsequently, you can leverage the insights to create a better customer experience. All these will help boost your business as a real estate agent. 

2. eXp Realty

For realtors looking to join eXp Realty, the brokerage offers many tools, including:

Collaboration Tools

eXp World is the leading solution this brokerage provides, and undoubtedly, it’s one of the best tools for real estate agents. The tool ushers agents into a virtual reality world where they can meet and collaborate with each other. It’s like being in the metaverse. Each agent has an avatar and can even open an office in the eXp world.

Business Intelligence Tools

eXp Realty offers business intelligence tools to enterprises in the housing industry. It ranks among the top real estate broker tools and delivers metrics and visibility insights to help agents make better decisions. These include metrics and insights on commissions, revenue share, monthly payments, etc.

Using real estate marketing tools for business intelligence

Branding and Marketing Tools

As a realtor with eXp, you get to launch your own brand and market your way. These are possible using the platform’s branding and marketing tools. You can leverage them to create logos, flyers, business cards, and even written content for social media posts.

CRM and Lead Generation Tools

Here realtors get a powerful tool for customer relationship management and building leads. These tools work for integrating listings, sharing property information, and managing customer interactions. And all those are relatively easy to carry out.

Transaction Management Tools

eXp Realty includes a valuable tool for agents to manage their transactions. It’s a paperless approach to handling important documents and submitting paperwork. Notably, it’s also possible to sign documents, and the infrastructure is 100% secure.


Doing business with RE/MAX gives you access to the following tools:

Automated Marketing Tools

RE/MAX Realty agents can switch the balloon logo for that of their personal brand with the automated marketing tools. Automation eliminates stress when it comes to marketing, ensuring follow-ups are delivered on time. Mainly, it works using Booj — a platform that lets users create customizable websites and manage leads. 

Website Management Tools

As mentioned earlier, RE/MAX technology leverages Booj to provide tools for essential tools for real estate agents. Not only can agents create websites, but they can as well manage them without stress. As a realtor, you can even skip building from scratch. Simply pick any from the tons of professional website templates the tools provide. 

Analysis Tools

RE/MAX features many tools for analysis. However, the standout is the First app — a flagship product. With this app, agents can analyze their contacts and listings to identify potential sellers in the future. It’ll also provide an overview of potential business losses in the past months. These will help in creating a better real estate marketing plan.

Education Tools

Realtors can learn with the educational tools available on the RE/MAX real estate website. These include RE/MAX news, RE/MAX university, and a webinar series, among others. Notably,  there's a “Mind, Body, Business” live session hosted by the platform’s CEO himself. 

4. Sotheby’s Realty

Sotheby’s Realty agents get access to the following tools:

Custom Marketing Tools

With Sotheby’s Realty, you get custom real estate marketing tools to leverage. Particularly, you get access to Current Suite, which contains about 18 applications. The suite is designed to accommodate all 23,000+ Sotheby’s Realty agents, and you can customize the applications for your business needs.

Virtual Tour Tools

Virtual reality is primary in the real estate world today. To help agents, Sotheby’s Realty provides tools for visually staging listings. The tool is Curate, and it’s part of the Current Suite. For example, you can create virtual views of the rooms, furniture, and other elements when you create a listing.

Analytics Tools

Sotheby’s Realty supports agents with one of the best real estate tools in terms of analytics. The tool in question is Listtrac. With it, you get actionable business intelligence to foster your marketing efforts.

Analytics data for completing marketing tasks

Customer Engagement Tools

For customer relationship management and engagement, Sotheby’s Realty makes available a CRM called Cloze. Basically, the tool keeps you close to your clients, and it comes with direct marketing functions. In particular, you can leverage the customer engagement tool to send automated and personalized emails.

5. Coldwell Banker Realty

The realtor tools available at Coldwell Banker Realty include the following:

Reporting Tools

Coldwell Banker Realty features two main reporting tools: online showing report and web traffic report. With the online showing report, agents can monitor their listings’ views and click-through rates on real estate websites. These include websites like Zillow and Trulia. The web traffic report works similarly. However, it focuses more on monthly traffic and engagement data.

Transaction Management Tools

Real estate professionals can leverage Coldwell Banker Realty’s HomeBase platform for managing transactions. It’s a straightforward tool that supports sales tracking throughout the home-buying process. You can as well use it to manage sales documents.

Document Management Tools

While the Homebase platform supports sales documents, Coldwell Banker Realty still provides exclusive real estate tools for managing documents. In particular, it’s an eSignature solution that lets agents sign and collaborate on documents in real time.

Education Tools 

The Agent Intranet tool on the Coldwell Banker Realty website provides educational materials that any realtor will appreciate. The materials range from new business growth strategies to review tutorials. They’ll come in handy, especially for starting agents.

Bottom Line

The above are the best real estate marketing tools available at the different brokerages. All are worthwhile and will play a part in improving business as a realtor.

At Ardor SEO, we also have many tools to assist real estate agents. In particular, we focus on helping $15-20MM producing agents grow to $50MM in 1-3 years by building them a robust presence on Google. Reach out to our our team at to find out how we can help you grow your real estate business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Market Real Estate in the US?

You can market real estate in the US by using dependable platforms. In particular, you need the best marketing tools for real estate agents. Many such solutions are available, and which to settle with depends on your preferences and budget.

What Software Do Realtors Use?

Realtors use a variety of software. Nevertheless, the best tools for realtors are those that support marketing, CRM, analysis, and collaboration tools. This post covers more about real estate marketing tools from different brokerages.

What Is Real Estate Digital Marketing?

Real estate digital marketing involves promoting your property business online through various online channels. These include blogging, social media, PPC, SEO, and email marketing. Typically, you’ll need reliable real estate marketing tools to complete this.

Which Social Media Platform Is Best for Realtors?

Many social media apps are ideal for real estate. However, since the housing market depends more on visuals, using popular social media platforms for images and videos is best. These include social media apps like Facebook, Instagram,  and TikTok.

What Are the Most Used Real Estate Websites in the USA?

The most used real estate websites in the USA include:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Redfin
  • Homefinder
  • Xome Auctions
  • HotPads
  • LoopNet

About the author 

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Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO, is the CEO of Ardor SEO. His expertise lies in helping real estate professionals get more leads and customers to predictably grow their business. Get to know Kris and learn more about our team here.

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