The Rise of Vegan Tourism

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It’s that time of the year again when you need to hop on a vacation and go explore new places and cultures… you’re about to embark on a new travel adventure! You might already know where to go and visit, but you’re not sure if you’ll ever find good vegan food.

Plus, you’re getting a bit anxious if you’ll find the best vegan accommodation. Will this anticipated travel escapade turns out to be what you expect it to be?
Well, it will be the best vegan tour, yet, if you know where to look!

Today, we will guide you on achieving the greatest vegan travel you can have, wherever you are.

So, buckle up! 

Why choose veganism? 

A lot of omnivores think that veganism is such a restricting diet. “Vegans miss on a lot of good food!” they say. 

Truth is, veganism is not a mere diet. It is a lifestyle. 

Compassionate people choose veganism primarily because they are aware of the injustices that the meat, egg, dairy, leather, fur, and cosmetic industries do to defenseless, innocent, and sentient animals… 

...and vegans want to do something about these injustices by ceasing to support these industries—if demand drops, supply will eventually stop.

The second biggest reason why more and more people are living the vegan lifestyle is that they want to positively impact the planet—the future of the next generation. 

Did you know that animal agriculture is the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, which are a strong driving force of global warming and climate change? Not to mention the amount of land, water, and grains that are taken up for animal farms to use—these extremely valuable resources could’ve helped the global poor. 

The third main reason why you should choose veganism is your health. Consuming animal meat, egg, and dairy is the number one cause of serious illnesses. 

Most people who switched to eating vegan food, especially those on whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet, testified that their health has achieved an all-time high improvement. 

You see, vegans never miss on a lot of good food.

In fact, they discover countless creative foods that are not just great for their taste buds, but also good for their health and the planet!

vegan breakfast presented
Have you ever eaten a vegan burger? How about vegan pizza? And oh, you can’t miss on vegan ice cream and cake! Okay, that’s too much junk food, I guess. 

But hey, everything has a vegan version nowadays. So, there’s no room for animal exploitation.

Why vegan travel?

traveling while being on a vegan diet

Besides keeping cruelty out of your plate while ensuring that you get the best health for yourself and the planet, adhering to a vegan lifestyle even during travel is much more productive and fun, as you keep on looking for the best vegan food and accommodation and connecting with other vegan travelers, pushing the movement forward! 

Traveling vegan is such a great avenue for you to discover thriving vegan places and businesses that don’t just focus on profits but more on making the world a better place—for the animals, the planet, and for healthy human beings. 

Also, you will learn more about how different cultures tackle veganism. In this digital world, you can now easily share your vegan travel stories to social media and become the guiding light to other vegans out there who are also looking to explore the world while empowering the vegan movement.

How to find good Vegan food anywhere

eating a tempeh salad

Apart from doing a Google search, you can use the Happy Cow app. It has a great list of vegan restaurants all over the world!

The best thing about the app is that it is incorporated into Google Maps, so you can easily reach your vegan destination without the hassle of getting lost.  

Plus, you can see the contact numbers of vegan restaurants, their operating hours, their prices, photos, and reviews from vegan travelers as well! 

Pro Tip: Use your vegan network! Join vegan communities on social media and build rapport with other vegans. 

You can share that you’re about to travel and ask for recommendations.

You can even share the anxiety you have about traveling vegan.

You’ll be surprised how many kindhearted vegans will be willing to meet you and tour you around for free!  

Local vegans are the best. They know their cities like the backs of their hands.

How to look for the Best Vegan Accommodation

If doing a Google search and meeting with other local vegans seem a bit overwhelming for you, we recommend using the Veggie Hotel resource. It has a rich list of vegan accommodation in over 60 countries! 

What you’ll love about this resource is that it has a systematic search process in finding the best vegan accommodation that suits your needs and taste.

You can select the country you’re traveling to, the kind of travel that you want: yoga vacations, city trips, wellness or detox retreats, beach holidays, or hiking tours. 

Then, you can even go on a detailed search, like finding the best Ayurveda treatments, purely vegan kitchens, and gluten-free and 100% organic vegan products. 

Once you narrow down your search, you’ll get a list of vegan accommodation and their addresses (incorporated into Google Maps), contact numbers, prices, food options, services, and photos. 

See? If you know where to look, traveling vegan is easy peasy.

Most famous Vegan Hotspots you have to visit 

Countless incredible vegan hotspots are visit-worthy all around the globe! Since it’s difficult to list them all here, it’s recommended that you first check vegan travel and tours agencies that might offer what you exactly need.

Vegan Adventure Holidays

going on a vegan holiday adventure

This agency for vegan adventure tours offers meaningful visits to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, and Colombia.

Vegan Travel

the douro river in portugal

This vegan cruises and tours company offers unique vegan travel vacations to the south of France, the Douro River and Valley, the Rhine, Budapest, the Chilean Fjords, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Nile River, Mandalay, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Vegan Surf Camp

women in a yoga class

The Vegan Surf Camp offers surfing and yoga activities in the southwest coast of France, specifically the Moliets-Plage. 

They also offer cultural and culinary trips in Spain and bike tours in Moliets. Their tours also include fun activities, such as wellness massage, skating, hiking, kayaking, cycling, canoeing, and visits to water and adventure parks.

Top 7 Vegan City Hotspots

Now, here's a list of the top vegan city hotspots that are highly recommended for you to visit! 

  1. London, United Kingdom

London has over a hundred completely vegan restaurants in a five-mile radius within the city! Probably, the number 1 place in the world where veganism has completely gone mainstream. Yay! 

  1.  Berlin, Germany

Berlin is considered as the international vegan destination because of its outstanding vegan pizzas, stellar vegan kebab, and mouth-watering gourmet cuisine. 

  1. New York City, United States

New York City is known as the international food capital of the world due to its diverse cuisines, and vegan food options here are quickly flourishing. 

  1. Portland, United States  

In Portland, veganism and plant-based eating are very well-practiced. Plus, this is where you’ll probably find some of the best vegan cheese in the world! 

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel 

Israel’s vegan population is fast growing, and Tel Aviv can be considered as the city-home for vegans. This is where you will experience the incredible vegan food fusion of Middle Eastern, Meditteranean, and Israeli cuisines with delectable western influence. 

  1. Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles is considered as the vegan mecca for Hollywood celebrities. It has over 142 vegan-friendly restaurants and 42 of those are fully-vegan food places. Here, you’ll find raw and healthy vegan food choices, as well as vegan junk foods. Yey!   

  1. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is tremendously growing as a vegan city since early 2018. You can even find vegan restaurants within a one-mile radius. Here, you’ll taste one of the best vegan burgers in the world!

a delicious vegan burger


The world is slowly waking up to the truth that humans can survive and thrive without eating animals or using animal by-products. People are realizing that in this modern world, animal exploitation is primitive. 

Also, veganism is one of the primary ways that human beings can uphold peace and compassion by putting an end to animal cruelty—from the four walls of slaughterhouses to animal circuses and rides. 

Living the vegan lifestyle is becoming easier each year, thanks to the creative people who adapt to meet the demands of vegans. 

Plus, getting good vegan finds, such as food, drinks, and accommodation, has become so convenient too! 

The rise of vegan tourism is a great indication that people are treading towards the right path of having good health and creating a safer planet for the next generation to live in.

go vegan and help the world

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