Authority Marketing

Search engines and Google in particular love what they describe as “Authority”. When you have a think about it and understand where they are coming from, relying on authority is a pretty darned good idea.

In simple terms they believe that sites or pages with Authority can be trusted and believed more than those pages or sites with no authority. It should go without saying but I feel compelled to say; authority sites rank highly.

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What makes for an authority site?

That’s pretty easy to answer. All authority sites have two things in common.
They have plenty of quality links to them and they have good content.


The biggest mistake made by many SEO companies and site owners is they totally discount the value of quality links in the Google algorithm. This came about a few years back when all you had to do to rank a site was point any kind of link to it and in no time it was on page one.

Google is way too smart to let that ride, they then began analyzing the links and found the vast majority of links on most sites were junk and smacked everyone very hard.

This caused a lot of SEO professionals to become very shy of links which was and still is a huge mistake.

Quality links is key to high rankings, it always was and always will be.

Here is what Cyrus Shepherd says about links. a leading authority on SEO & links:

"What the data says about links and Google rankings: There are a number of conclusions you can reasonably draw from these numbers.

1. External links are almost always present for competitive searches If you want to rank for anything that's even remotely competitive, the chances of finding a website ranking without external links is very rare indeed......"     Read the full article here.

Ardor began as a link building service. We know links better than anyone and really do have a solution that will only improve your rankings.

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Quality Content

The other most important ranking factor as I mentioned earlier is content.

Problem with content is, in most cases its rubbish and nearly unreadable because its not written by humans, its spun by software applications. Google knows this and discounts it or even brings down the smack.

This of course leads to another problem, generating good quality content at an affordable price.

Some people try to outsource content writing to writers on the big outsource sites such as Upwork. This can produce reasonable results but takes time to get it written, time to edit and correct it and it’s absolutely not cheap.

Fortunately, Ardor has you covered. Ardor has a huge team of writers and editors, all of whom are English speakers. Having a huge team of well over 50 writers means we can produce quality content on pretty much any subject you care to name.

Quality control is ensured by our exclusive star rating system. To remain on our team a writer needs to maintain a minimum of 3 stars. The ratings are made by clients, just like you.

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