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​An important part of the SEO process is to produce content for every page that's of a good quality and is relevant to the page you're on. This then calls for a class writer to fill in the blanks on your pages, write relevant, informative content and produce work that's worth sharing with your friends, family, customers and even business prospects. So how do you maintain a good quality website on top of producing content that will get your site noticed?

Ardor Content provides a fully fledged content writing service that delivers handmade content that's uniquely written every time, and checked by our editors before we give it the once over and then posting on relevant webpages. With this, we can increase the authority from backlinks, and also send a signal to Google as to what the webpage in question is all about. With relevant, high quality content posted on these pages we can ensure that your site avoids the Panda penalty - a penalty given to pages or websites with thin, irrelevant or no content posted online. 

What do you get from Ardor Content?

Natural keyword input
- you tell us the keyword(s) and we will provide you with content that doesn't look like we stuffed an article full of keywords. Your articles will look natural, informative and relevant to the webpage in order to boost your visitor count.

Unique articles - every article is checked through our editorial team so there's no plagiarism and double checked through our plagiarism software to make sure you get the real deal.

Article lengths to suit your word count - whatever the length you need your article(s) to be we can provide. You can send us exact specs as to what you want your article to look and read like, including specific details such as maximum word count, writing tone, and topics to avoid.

If, at any point, you are not satisfied with our articles and/or services you can always send us revision notes and we'll get right onto making your content sing. Ardor Content gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you are not happy at any point and would like your money back then we will supply you with a refund with no questions asked. 

For new customers you also receive one free article, just to see how great our articles are before you wish you order more. This way you can check if you're happy with our service. All articles receive free revisions, even the free ones.

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