Dramatically Increase Your Online Sales

By Speeding Up Your Website

Online visitors infamously have short attention spans. If your site takes over 3 seconds to load it’s unlikely that people will wait. Stop losing customers now by speed optimizing your website.

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Your Business Can’t Grow By Turning Away Interested Customers

Your website is the only member of your sales team which works 24/7 to generate leads and sales for your business.

How successfully it performs is down to you.

A pioneering study by consulting firm Forrester found that almost 50% of internet users abandon websites that fail to load within 3 seconds.

Take a minute to let that sink in. You could potentially double your leads, or sales for eCommerce websites, overnight simply by speeding up your site.

This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by many of the biggest companies in the world.

Global eCommerce giant Amazon found that for every 0.1 seconds they improved loading times, sales increased by 1%. Google discovered that every extra 0.5 seconds loses them 20% in traffic. And Deloitte managed to increase the conversion rates of 37 retail websites by 8-10% with page speed optimisation.

Modern consumers demand a super fast browsing experience. Don’t let your business get left behind.

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For a limited time only, Ardor SEO is giving away its speed optimization service for just $297.

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Our team of dedicated web experts will analyse your website to see what’s slowing it down, and then eliminate those issues by adjusting your site’s code.

Your website content and design won’t change, plus your site will experience no downtime!

Stop losing customers and speed up your website now.

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How To Get Started

All you need to do is hit the button below to make the payment. After that goes through, one of our experts will be in touch to schedule a quick call so that we can get all the account accesses we need.

Once we have the login details to your website we’ll get to work making it faster!

When Kris approached me I gotta say I was skeptical. There is a lot of spam on Linkedin. I'm thankful that Kris persisted.
Kris is one of the few guys in the digital marketing and SEO space that gets what agency needs and knows how to support the company's strategy.
From day 1, Kris has been attentive and eager to please. It's nice to do business with someone who wants to serve.

Joshua Jarvis

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