Remote WordPress Developer

Imagine a thriving career with freedom to travel the world.

Ardor SEO maintains a growing roster of full service clients from around the world. Many of them use WordPress platforms, some use Shopify, and a few use custom CMS platforms. We're looking for a savvy webmaster that knows their way around WHM, cPanel and WordPress.

It's a rare opportunity: a full-time contract position with 100% location independence. We seek a person who can managing projects, rather than merely completing tasks. 

The person we envision will be sharp, flexible, calm and focused. Every day they'll need to keep on top of template changes, security concerns, https conversions, layout modifications and more. They'll be dealing with business websites in financial, technical, fashion and marketing industries, to name just a few.

Requred skills: 
● Web Host Manager (WHM) 
● WordPress and Woocommerce customisation

Suggested skills: 
● Ability to code mods using jQuery, JS, CSS, PHP
● Remote server management using SSH
● Proactive self-starter able to lead junior developers
● Able to convey verbal and written updates to clients

Your ticket into the expat lifestyle

Kris Reid beach yoga

Ardor CEO Kris Reid (the Coolest guy in SEO) practicing yoga on a beach in Thailand.

Our SEO team is the centerpiece of our operation. As a part of that team you'll be working with people from the UK, US, Australia, Canada and the Philippines.  

Several of our staff are based in various parts of South East Asia, where life is vibrant, cheap and always exciting. If you're based in the west and want a viable way out, this might be your ticket.

Free flight to Asia for the right person

Expat backpacker in Asia

Embark of a life changing adventure in Asia, on the strength of your developer skills

Business is booming and we need to scale. A lead developer will become a core part of that operation. We're looking for a person willing to commit long-term - ideally one interested in a location independent lifestyle.  

In you are based in the US, Canada, the UK etc, and meet our criteria, we will also discuss an unpaid training period. In lieu of pay, we'll pay for your flight and accommodation to Phnom Penh Cambodia. There, you'll work directly with Ardor CEO Kris Reid and some senior staff. If you're a good fit, you'll get a long-term contract, guaranteed salary and the freedom to work from any location in the world. 

Salary Range
This will depend on whether you're a trained professional in the web designing trade or if you're after your first position! In any case, you can expat a salary that will allow you to live very well in Southeast Asia (we suggest Chiang Mai, Phnom Penh and Saigon along the SE Asia route). You could also work from Mexico, South America or the Caribbean - anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

● Free flight to Asia plus accommodation (4-star hotel) for the length of your training period
● Contracted positions are full-time with a fixed monthly salary 
● Three weeks of paid vacation time per year 
● Flexible hours, location independence

This is a rare opportunity to get in early with a company that is sharply trending upwards. Imagine a life living and working overseas, doing work that you love. 

Can you imagine a thriving career as a global citizen? Tell us about yourself, your interest in our company, and why you think you'd make a great lead developer for our team.

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