IMPORTANT: Watch This Short Video for an Important Message from Kris Reid. Toxic Links are Hurting your Site and Holding It Down in the Rankings. Kris Reveals the Only Google Approved Solution

In the previous video, I mentioned how links of ill repute are damaging your site’s reputation and holding it down in the Google Rankings.

Most of these links you won’t even know about! It’s sadly, common now for enemies and competitors to purposely send these bad links to sites in what is called Negative SEO. This could be happening to you right now.

We have a name for all bad links. Thats those nasty links from bad neighborhoods.
The very ones which are causing you to lose the traffic your site deserves.

We Call Them:

Toxic Links

They are pure poison and Google sees them all pointing to your site and strongly penalizes you for allowing them to remain active.

Your site might have thousands of links to it. How can you possibly see a report which identifies which are good and which are toxic?

You and your team could spend hundreds of hours searching for links and then inspecting and trying to determine which of those links is feeding poison to your site. It's a gigantic task which no one can afford to do but, it's imperative it gets done.

Good News!

Because you put your hand up and booked a call with us you identified yourself as a committed site owner. We like working with serious people like you.

We want to reward you with a Toxic Link Analysis
of your site.

This report will be done specifically for your site and will reveal every link to your site. Not only that but the Toxic Link Analysis will also show you precisely which links are helping your rankings and which are hurting you.

Imagine How Your Site Will Shoot Up the Rankings When It Only Has Beneficial Links

Suddenly Google will see your site as having moved from the seedy slums to the exclusive gated estate at the top of the hill.

No more languishing down in the dark depths of page 13 on Google, soon your site will be sprinting toward page 1 like a rocket.

A customized Toxic Link Analysis is so valuable we could easily sell them for $500 or more. But don’t worry, we are not going to ask you to pay anything like that today.

Our regular price for a Toxic Link Analysis is $97


When you invest in your specialized Toxic Link Analysis today we are going to give you a $50 instant discount. Instead of the regular $97 you can get your hands on this map to disavowing toxic links and get the rankings your site needs for less than a couple of movie tickets.

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Your Toxic Link Analysis will be prepared and delivered to you BEFORE your scheduled free strategy call so both you and our consultant may review the analysis and work the findings into your strategy

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