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Felt the Wrath of the Penguin in the Past?
Had Sites Kicked out of Google?
Lost a ton of Free Traffic?
It Doesn’t NEED to be that Way.
Google Doesn’t Have a Vendetta Towards Your Site!

Google wants the best experience for their users.

They want users to get the right content, quality content and served to them in the best ranking possible. This is what keeps users coming back to Google for their search needs. One of the methods used by the Penguin Algorithm is to truly evaluate the quality of the links going to any given site.

The links to your site have a very real effect on the reputation of your site.

For example: If your site is getting low quality links from forums, blog comments, porn sites or men’s enhancement sites then those links are causing you damage. Damage to your sites reputation. Penguin has no tolerance for bad links! Penguin absolutely LOVES well written, informative content and the links from it.

Embrace the Penguin and enjoy the higher rankings which come from it. Feel the Penguin Love.

OK, sure you want the love right now, but how do you make sure your link profile is what that bird wants to see?

Fortunately, for a limited time only, Ardor SEO is offering a Free Link Strategy Call to assist you in putting together a step by step guide tailor made for your site.
  • No more guessing the strategy call will map out all your moves.
  • Professional consultation, this free call is with one of our senior SEO consultants.
  • Not a sales call. This free call is 100% professional advice that will set the course for you to achieve higher rankings and more traffic.
  • No obligations, no cost. It’s your call, you can take the advice, implement the plan and never hear from us again, if that’s what you really want.
  • Ardor SEO is for committed SEO Professionals and Site Owners only.
  • If you’re a dabbler who’s not fully committed to better rankings, then sure, it would make sense to pass on this free offer.
  • And if you are not going to use the call correctly, and implement the strategies, then please don’t apply! Let a real action taker have your spot instead. They sure would appreciate it and so would we.

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