SEO Link Building Business Development Manager 

Real Estate Niche

Are you an amazing Link Building manager or believe you can become one?

What’s in it For You

If you’re looking to move to a company where your Link Management skills and career will be celebrated and also taken to the next level, apply now!

  • An attractive payment package to reward you for your skills and performance targets
  • An amazing SEO business that's growing fast
  • A niche and clients that are inspiring to work for, get fast results, and show gratitude
  • A driven SEO team of passionate and productive workers that are looking forward to learning, following, and performing for you
  • An owner that cares, communicates, and will support you to excel

" I take immense pride in being part of a team that strives for excellence - from regularly brainstorming new ideas to adapting quickly to changes in the industry. The incredible camaraderie among my teammates motivates me daily to work hard and stay motivated, knowing that together we are making a tangible difference. "

Alex Zuev

SEO Team Lead

Leader Man

Do You Want To Develop Your Leadership?

Of course, we are always looking for new ways to improve. Your role is to bring your magic to us so that you can drive strategic direction, support, and accountability to our linking team so that you and your team hit and exceed monthly targets.

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Get Your Creative Juice Flowing

Ardor SEO is a leader in the Real Estate digital marketing industry, and we want creative strategists like you to scale with us. We don’t focus on search engine rankings or traffic. We focus on conversions and increasing our clients’ revenue. And we guarantee results as our process works every time.

Discover Work/Life Balance

Ardor SEO prides itself on providing a rich environment in which each individual can flourish and strive to accomplish their goals. By providing a flexible working schedule, with the possibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world, Ardor SEO promotes a healthy work/life balance and a multicultural environment in which individuals can learn and grow as a team.

Join Our International Team

If you want to apply please take this assessment and send us the results with your CV:

Frequently asked questions

What Will My Responsibilities Be?

You’ll oversee all activities from planning, outreach, and posting with our team of six, and share your mastery to help junior link builders excel! In this role, you will work closely with clients from all industries and understand how to engage their target audience.

What Experience Do I Need?

You have excellent communication, and written and spoken English. You’ve been working in SEO as a Link Building Manager, link builder, or SEO specialist for at least three years, with a demonstrable knowledge of SEO, link building tools, and web traffic metrics.

What Are My Working Hours?

This is a full-time role at 40 hours per week. We encourage our team to maintain consistent hours daily but be flexible enough to attend meetings that may come up with customers or team members in different time zones.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

You’ll receive an attractive monthly salary according to your qualifications and experience. Unlike most remote-first companies, we also offer holiday and sick pay.

Is This a Long-term Opportunity?

Yes! Once people pass their probationary period and join our team, they stay with us for a very long time (we're a great place to work)!

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