Reputation Engineering

When you first heard the term Reputation Engineering, you likely had a light bulb moment, those two words are so much more powerful, innovative and cutting edge than Reputation Management which is what you most commonly hear.

We coined the phrase Reputation Engineering because we want to not just try to manage any damage to your reputation after the fact, like our competitors, but to engineer your reputation.

Reputation Engineering

We want to fully control, engineer, and manage the responses to reputation attacks and build in armor plating so it’s much more difficult for the bad guys to hurt you in the future.

Our skills, tools and expertise in this specialized area have been honed on the fierce battlegrounds of U.S. Class Actions.

Class Actions

As we all know this is not a field for the squeamish, its crowded with hungry and battle hardened lawyers itching for a fight and the chance to draw blood.

The rewards are often in the tens of millions of dollars and it’s no hold barred warfare. Every available weapon is used without mercy and reputations are cut to ribbons and wasted in the mud.

Our team has been in this battleground and has come out victorious. We have weathered the storm, faced the enemy unflinchingly and beaten them at their own game. Our strategies and behind the scenes operations ensured a huge win for our client and negligible damage to our clients’ reputation.

If your firm is involved with a class action, be sure to engage us for your side before your opposition calls.

Your Reputation

Maybe you don’t have the same level of intensity involved in class actions when it comes to the problems associated with your reputation, but can you imagine how well you will come out of this because of our skill set?

Contact us now and let’s discuss what we can do to engineer a better, brighter future for you