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Ardor SEO is a digital agency that is founded by Kris Reid, the “Coolest Guy in SEO”. We specialise in making your business website rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs), with the use of innovative solutions, such as reputation engineering.

Our mission is to recover the reputation of your business, so that you can avoid losing customers because of negative reviews or a weak online presence. With us, you will get more businesses effectively, without worrying about a potential client seeing a negative PR or review.

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"We´ve worked with Kris to help our customers restore their reputation. He has proved to be committed to help them as his own customers, very reliable. We intend to continue working with Kris and have a closer business relationship."

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Louis Torres

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"If you are looking for some kick-ass SEO to help boost your presence Kris and his team are rock stars at it. I'd highly recommend getting in touch with Kris or someone from his team to have a chat about how they can assist you. It was well over my head so it was good to have their help. Way to go Kris and team!"

Bernard Kelvin Clive

Bernard Kelvin Clive

Professional Business Manager and Leader

Introduction to Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM), or simply known as Reputation Management, is a strategy to shape the image of a business into a positive one. Experts do this by influencing online information about the entity that currently exists.

Initially, reputation management involves monitoring references to the business, primarily on the search engines and social media.

What is reputation management?

Online Reputation Management

Social media and search engine results analysis help paint a picture of your brand for the public. This involves a public relations (PR) campaign to address any issues with your corporate image.

You can conduct a PR campaign, either to boost positive opinions about your brand or to decrease the visibility of negative ones.

One good way to counter negative opinions about your brand is to work with a reputation manager, like Ardor SEO, who will be able to create and post a sufficient amount of positive organic content to push down the negative ones on search engines and social media sites.

For example, we will join conversations and respond to Facebook posts or tweets complaining about you, only that we state “your business only had good experiences to provide”.

While there are artificial ways to at least try to boost your online reputation, they would not have that lasting power.

Given the number of individuals willing to discuss real customer experiences, especially those containing negative comments, the only true effective method to create a positive online reputation is through our white-glove strategies.

These reputation management strategies include limiting what content that you want to make available online. In a way, you should be careful what articles, comments, images, and videos to share with the world.

Of course, the most effective approach to managing your reputation is to promote your business honestly, using the right marketing practices and engaging with your online audience actively.

Why should you use reputation management?

As long as your business is projecting a good image to your existing and potential clients, you can proceed with your operations without any hiccups. However, in today’s age of digital media, it is highly possible that people have posted unfavourable stuff about your business.

That is why you should know everything the public is saying about your business.

Depending on the information you have gathered, you can take steps to protect your online reputation.

How do you know which reputation management strategies you need?

There are various strategies that can boost your brand's online reputation. The key here is to know which ones you need by conducting an analysis of your current image on the web.

Now, this can get tricky—and this is exactly where Ardor SEO comes in.

We will conduct online searches for your business’s name to see what comes up. If there are any negative opinions about you, then we can design content strategies that focus on pushing down the negative opinions on the SERPs. These strategies also include optimising the current content on your site and on social media, as well as creating more optimised positive posts.

If all we see are positive feedback and praises for your business, you might think that our services for boosting your online presence are not necessary. However, it is wise to prepare ahead. You can use our strategies to monitor your presence on the web and immediately take action in case anything negative about your brand appears online. The sooner you can detect something, the quicker you can address the issue.

Moreover, we can also manage the reviews that your brand already received. For example, if you already received positive comments about your business, we can further encourage customers to leave more of those. The more positive feedback you receive, the better your brand image will become.

To simply put it, we can conduct an initial but powerful analysis of your online presence to help determine the best path to manage it.

The great perks of reputation management

People who have availed your service or product would review your business using a 1-to-5 rating system, blogging, commenting on existing articles, or posting on social media sites. And, whatever they have to say, it will be highly valuable in running your business effectively. Therefore, you would make a grave mistake if you ignore the importance of managing your online reputation.

Here are some clear reasons why you should take your corporate image seriously:

  • Building a professional and reliable image

To establish trust with your clients and market your business effectively, you should build a professional image. And, without the right strategy, you will struggle to convince your market to use your products or services.

Potential customers would try to search for your brand to know how different you are from your competitors. Since they do not have a real idea what you are offering, they will look out for the available information online before making a decision.

Online Reputation Management

Now, if you don’t move ahead and make an impression, and all they see are negative comments about you, it would be almost impossible that they will do business with you. So, make sure you appear professional in every aspect—from your website to how you offer your products or services.  Get rid of negative opinions if there is any.

  • Accurate insights on your customers’ wants and needs

With all the reviews you will see during the initial analysis, you will also gain some insights into what your target audience is looking for. You will know what is working and what is not.

Most likely, those who have used your product or service will point out the things that they need and the things that they can just do without. Using those insights, not only that you can refine your business’s image, but you will also make the impression that you care about your customers. After all, you are listening to them; therefore, you are willing to address any issues they have to make their lives easier.

Your customers will appreciate that you are considering their values and will feel that they are an integral part of your business. This will help make them loyal to your brand.

  • Relevant Content

When using online reputation management, you might overlook the content creation aspect. Remember that your business’s online reputation is not only defined by what others say about it, but is also by the messages you deliver to your audience as well.

With that said, you should make sure that all your content is targeted, relevant, and relatable.

For example, if you are offering cycling apparel for men, then make sure every post you make is relevant to your product and your audience’s needs. Make sure that the content of your website aligns with your company’s mission and culture. Create posts on social networks your customers will find useful and entertaining.

  • Better rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs)

Make no mistake, reviews of your brand can create a huge impact on your SEO. That is because the search engines use algorithms that will determine how useful your content, products, or services are to your target audience.

If you receive plenty of positive feedback, they will know that you are spending the time and effort to achieve a good online reputation. Consequently, they will reward you a high rank on their pages, thus increasing your online visibility.

  • Improved credibility and consumer trust

Online reviews don’t only please search engine algorithms; naturally, your reviews will influence people’s perception of you. Unfortunately, not everyone gives the benefit of the doubt to businesses.

Therefore, strive to maintain your image, so you will be able to gain and maintain the trust of your existing and potential customers, respectively.

Make sure you have a good programme for managing it with the help of experts.

  • A pool of skilled, high-performing recruits

With a good corporate image, you can also attract talented individuals. After all, who would not like to work for an impressive organisation, which receives plenty of good feedback from the public?

Talented job candidates will always research online before sending their applications or accepting an interview. Therefore, your company’s online reputation will be a huge deciding factor whether they say “yes” or “no” to you. So, skew your online reviews to the good side. This way, plenty of skilled moths will fly closely to your flame.

  • More profit for your business

Of course, the biggest benefit from having a good image is gaining higher revenues.

If potential customers see that your brand is better than your competitors, then they will think that you are more reliable. They would prefer to do business with you, translating to more sales on your part.

According to a study by the Harvard Business School, businesses with good online reputation management enjoyed better revenues of around 5-9% compared to others.

And, it is a two-way street—when people see that you are making more sales, they will think that more and more people are patronising what you offer. This boosts your brand image even more!

It does not matter what type of business you are running. Establishing a good corporate image is essential to your success.

Essential elements of an effective reputation management strategy

Online Reputation - Good or Bad?

To ensure a smooth and effective online reputation management, you must always keep these elements in check. You can use these elements so you can maintain a good image or recover from an online attack.

  • Brand monitoring

You need to do a constant monitoring of your brand.

If you need to check a huge amount of online and offline resources, then you should work with a team of full-fledged professionals who can take care of everything.

For instance, you can use Google Alerts. This is one of the easiest but most effective monitoring tools.

Using it will allow you to see the latest posts or reviews from your customers. Such information will let you know what changes you should make to keep your existing customers happy, while trying to convert visitors to clients.

  • Third-party website monitoring

Aside from monitoring your own website and online communication channels, you should also monitor third-party websites that can damage your image.

Did you have some displeased clients or unhappy employees? You should anticipate any posts from them that can be particularly damaging. Remember that it can be quite easy for disgruntled individuals these days to create an online profile or even a blog just to disparage your company.

For example, if you had a client pulling the plug on you in bad terms, then nothing can stop them from writing a malicious post or spreading false information through reviews.

Now, you should consider monitoring the internet for these kinds of content and immediately take action to address them.

  • Strong presence on social media

All social media sites have their own unique features, which will help boost your brand image.

For example, if you are running a B2B company, a sound LinkedIn profile and presence can work well for you. If you are running a store that sells trinkets, then you can use Instagram to post images of your products and attract more customers.

Major social media networks, such as Facebook, are also great platforms to answer queries, deal with complaints, and resolve problems your customers might be having with using your products.

Of course, you can also get feedback on these social media platforms that can help improve your customer service, amongst other aspects of your business.

  • Programs to deal with negative content

There are many ways to produce more positive content than negative ones on the internet.

One of the best ways is to hire professionals. They can optimise your channels’ existing content through SEO.

Reputation managers can also create customer reviews, testimonials, and white papers favouring your business and then post them on popular sites. This greatly dilutes the negative content about your business.

Other techniques include submission of legal take down requests and removal of sites that publish negative content by using spam bots or “denial of service attacks.''

  • Quality content

In relation to dealing with negative content, you should also offer quality content yourself.

You can’t deny the importance of content in an online reputation management strategy because of its broad reach.

For example, millions of people could read your informative blogs on the web. As long as they find them useful, it’s highly possible that they will become customers eventually.

Therefore, when creating content, make sure that it is fresh, unique, relevant, free of grammatical errors, and of course, written by experts in the field of writing.

In addition, blog posts should also entice readers to patronize your product or service.

Aside from blogs and articles, you can also post product descriptions, press releases, content on social networks, forums, pictures, and videos on suitable online platforms, including your own website.

Just see to it that you add fresh content and update your existing ones regularly. And the next thing you will be anticipating is becoming a customer’s favourite. Everyone will want to connect with you to know what you can offer.

  • Website development and improvement

You will never establish an online reputation if you do not have a good website yourself.

Now, a professional web developer can build you a strong website with features that are easy to navigate to ensure an enjoyable experience for your users.

Combine that with fresh content your target audience can use and you will certainly improve your business’s image.

Definitely, you will reduce site abandonment and improve customer loyalty.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is your website if it is not optimised for search engines and users?

If you use white-hat SEO strategies, your brand will be at the top of search engine results pages. This means that your customers who are looking for timely solutions to their problems will find you quickly.

On the other hand, if they cannot find you at the first page even if they searched for your brand, then it will leave them a negative impression. What’s worse is they will just choose one of your competitors to address their concerns, instead.

In reputation management, SEO is the best tool for customer retention. It can offer long-lasting results.

When should you start thinking about it?

Generally speaking, reputation management is necessary to maintain a good image online or to counter a negative feedback about your brand. However, it is important to know exactly when you should start doing it or if you should do it. This strategy actually matters if you:

  • Want to attract new clients
  • Lack helpful information for your customers
  • Find unfavourable records about your brand  
  • Find many people trying to compare business within your niche
  • Have customers searching for specific information about your business
  • Find inappropriate photos or videos relating to your products or services

See negative stories, hateful comments, or controversial opinions about your brandIf you are experiencing one of those dilemmas above, do not hesitate to Google yourself and find out how your brand name is doing with your audience. When you encounter these scenarios, it would be high time to address them before things get worse.

Choose the Right Company

Ardor SEO prides itself on enhancing businesses’ digital empires.

We deliver nothing but positive results for your business.

We even coined the phrase “reputation engineering”. Using the best digital solutions in our toolbox, we engineer the best strategies for your reputation’s growth.

We take full control of your responses to reputation attacks. We build an armour plating for your company, so the bad guys can barely make a chink on it.

The fierce battlegrounds of U.S. Class Actions, crowded with hungry and battle-hardened lawyers itching to get a cut from class-action settlements, have honed our expertise in this specialised area.

The rewards are often in the tens of millions of dollars and it’s a no-holds-barred warfare. Using every available weapon, opposing parties would try to ruin each other’s reputations.

Our team has extensive experience in this arena—naturally, we got a lot of wins.

No matter what our clients faced, we have managed to beat the enemies at their own game. Our strategies ensured huge wins for our clients.

Now, if you’re facing dilemmas that is affecting your brand image, we can help you solve them.

Just sign up for our online reputation management service!

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