SEO Sales intern

PAID Apprentice Under SEO Sales Manager

We know that our customers don’t care about Search Engine rankings so neither do we. We know they care about their new business and new people visiting their website - not only digesting the content and leaving but people that are going to feel a connection with the content, engage with the brand and become a customer.

We win when our customer wins. Our customer wins when the visitor wins. You win when you can align this perfect trinity.

This is a unique opportunity for a focused, hard-working, driven person, that thrives on providing value. A person that is dedicated to measuring that value and constantly improving their performance.

What’s in it for you?

The opportunity to be paid well and work anywhere in the world you like. Not only giving you freedom of movement but the freedom of working unsupervised with an elite team at your back to support you.

Our customers don’t care if you work 2 hours or 200 hours, so largely neither do we. They care that they are getting value, so that’s exactly what we care about too.

What’s required of you?

Prove your worth in doing SEO sales! Come and spend three months in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Work side by side with the coolest guy in SEO. Learn the ropes first hand from the SEO sales manager and how to fit into the Ardor team!

Learn how to prospect clients by showing knowledge. Learn how to close deals by showing value. Learn how to make great money, anywhere!

we want seo sales apprentice

How to Apply for SEO Sales Jobs?

Show how your creativity and your ability can provide value. Which ever city you’re in right now, go to Google and type “plumber” + city name. Go to page two of the search results and find any plumber listed there.

Make a short video explaining what they could do to improve their content, improve conversions, improve rankings and better engage with their visitors.

Post the video on YouTube and send it to with the subject line “Content Marketing Candidate Video Audit”.

We are not looking at your movie making abilities, your camera presence or your public speaking.

If you stutter, great! If you forget your thought, great! Just be natural and show your ability to provide value. And show that you have a personality.

The video shouldn’t go for more than a few minutes. The video should finish with an explanation of you are and why we should invite you to Cambodia.

Have fun with it and hopefully you’ll be the right fit to come and work with the coolest guy in SEO!