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No, it’s not going to get any better. 

I can imagine where you are right now, sitting at a staunch desk in some corporate office with your headphones pumping music to keep you animated. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a small affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, or made it to the big HQ in New York: you’re still doing bottom-of-the-barrel work. Maybe you’re still just generating leads, or maybe the bosses started letting you do more technical work. But let me tell you, if you’re questioning whether the corporate world will fulfill your aspirations and dauntless ambition, you’ll be feeling that way as long as you’re sitting at that desk. 

I felt the same way once, and it took me decades to realize I needed to break out of the cookie-cutter corporate world. You don’t have to wait that long.

We won’t accept just anyone

I’m looking for a salesperson to join our team, and I won’t settle for someone who fits into that corporate mold. I’m the Founder and CEO of Ardor SEO, a company that crafts search engine optimization and web marketing solutions for both small family businesses and major enterprises like the $50,000,000 Kinesis Money. I want to hire someone who’s fit to face those challenges while jumping into a whole new life of exploration and learning in Southeast Asia. If I think you’re fit to join the team, you’ll have to buy a ticket to Saigon and train alongside me for a few months. Even if you’re deeply experienced in sales, I want you to understand Ardor before I let you free to work how (and where) you like. After training, you can work independently in any location you please, as long as you have a stable internet connection and can punctually attend meetings and complete your assignments.

Work in a fast-moving city, Saigon

work in saigon

You might have an expectation of what Saigon is like, but dump it right now. The Vietnamese super city is pulsing from expanding investments. It’s changing fast, so now’s the time to come and access luxuries — rooftop bars, a wide variety of international food, weekend getaways — generally available at a cheaper price than you’d get in America or Europe. And there are thousands of other digital nomads and foreign nationals working here, making a great social scene. If you’re bored by Saigon after a few months, you can try out Chiang Mai, Bali, or Penang, or hop around Asia to your heart’s content. You can even move back home and keep your job after this initial training, but when you get the taste of the digital nomad lifestyle, you’ll probably kiss your hometown goodbye. I’m not trying to sell you a glamorous fantasy of working near the azure seaside with a cocktail by your side daily. If you know a lick about sales, you should realize that already (though I do on occasion work from an Adirondack on the beach). The sales will be challenging, and sometimes seem even more difficult when all you want to do is take to the beach. Most people aren’t cut out for living abroad either: the cozy consistency of air conditioning, garbage collection, and social services like police and medics are not always available. You literally have to have the stomach for living abroad, both adapting to a foreign culture and the spicy, sometimes untrustworthy food.

You’re going to have to work hard, but the achievements and rewards are deep and life-changing when you work abroad.

We provide unique opportunities

If you’re a true salesperson, I’m going to give you the opportunities that you won’t get hawking credit cards or health insurance plans over the phone in America. From Day 1, you will start interacting with clients and making them offers. We have a lead generation team, so you’ll never have to handle cold emails or calls. Your leads are primed, so you can dive straight into the sale. Your clients will be diverse, so you’ll be constantly challenged to create strategies and solutions tailored to their needs and goals. And trust me, there are few feelings more rewarding than selling customers the solutions they never dreamed possible. If you give a stellar performance, your opportunities — and payout — will expand to match. Plus you can do this all on your own time, outside scheduled chats with clients and team meetings. I need your independent spirit, but I won’t hire a lone wolf. At Ardor, we work as a team to nail these sales, and you have to both contribute new ideas and receive others’ critiques.

Our team is all over the world, so you have to consider time differences plus the challenges of communicating and collaborating with people from around the world. You will join a close-knit team, where we lend each other help and applaud each others’ victories. But you’re not joining a “family”: if you don’t meet your quota, you’re out of a job

You will have to be committed

I’m also keen on the realities of the sales field. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who can commit to a few years on our sales team, but I know that my ideal candidate is also scheming to build their own enterprise someday. You’ll be getting the on-the-ground sales experience that you could apply to just about any other industry while learning how to adapt to and surmount the challenges that other sales executives shirk. I labored for years to figure out how to create and sell solutions for a wide range of companies while enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle. Tell me about your aspirations, and I can help you prepare for the unique challenges they would entail while building your portfolio through work with Ardor. If you’re waiting for the cold calling to end, or that next-step position to open up, or even the opportunity to work abroad, quit fooling yourself. Rethink how to get what you want out of your life, and you’ll see that sitting in some white-walled office is never going to take you there. If you manage to free your mind from the cage of corporate success, shoot me an email.

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