Java Dev Job

Are you the ultimate whizz of Java and web development? Think you're ready to put your skills to the test at Ardor SEO?

We're looking for you to deliver amazing results so that our website ticks along beautifully, fixes any errors that arise and take on the full pelt of our systems making sure everything runs smoothly.

This vibrant company is in search of a talented and versatile Java Web Developer, who has a passion for designing and developing real world applications with a strong focus on customer experience.

The right developer will join this experienced and dedicated team developing with the latest tools, technologies and methodologies.

This is an amazing opportunity for the right developer to further their career in web development, coding and even project management this fast growing company.

With all these benefits and more you'll be a welcome member of the Ardor SEO team that's built on friendship, optimism and inspiration.

● Strong knowledge of Java
● Experience with web frameworks
● Knowledge of ORM
● Passion for learning and keeping up with the latest technologies and trends Bonus

● Agile & Test Driven Methodologies
● JUnit
● JavaScript 
● JQuery
● OSGi
● PHP, Ruby
● Linux Salary Range: whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, we take all applicants into account and provide you with a salary that reflects your position.

● Training to keep abreast of the latest technology trends as and when needed
● Full training of our systems and how we work
● Paid public and annual holidays
● Monthly team building events with free dinner and drinks (who can say no to that?)
● Fantastic opportunity to advance in this fast growing company!

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