In House & Online Writers Job

Are you a budding writer? Got good English skills? We’re looking for you!

We want you as a writer! Here you have the chance to have unlimited work! You will write articles based on clients’ keywords that will allow you to expand your knowledge of internet marketing and search engine optimisation. From time to time you’ll also be editing work and be required to post content on websites. This exciting position will allow you to spread your wings into the online writing and freelance writing markets from the comfort of your own home. If you can produce interesting and accurate information on topics related to our customers’ business niches, why not get your hands on this opportunity and start earning?

Ardor SEO is a groundbreaking search engine optimisation company based in Australia, Cambodia and the Philippines. We work with clients across the globe to deliver professional, prestigious SEO services; we diagnose the problem and provide the cure no matter how large the scale of the service. Ardor SEO has been in the search engine optimisation and link building business for nearly 7 years with a vast-growing prestige behind its success. 

Our writers are assessed in different criteria to see if they can keep up with clients' needs. These include English language skills (composition, spelling and grammar skills) and research skills. For well-researched content, we look out for writers to:

UNDERSTAND: have the ability to comprehend unknown business niches and their objectives ATTRACT: expand interesting ideas that visitors can relate, getting them on track towards knowing a business better

COMMUNICATE: make different topics related to the business more understandable to everyone

BE ACCURATE: make adequate research to ensure that information in the content is accurate

BE SYSTEMATIC: understand and apply good/appropriate research methods

● Good English writing skills
● Willingness to learn
● Grammar skills are helpful, though not required
● Ability to work independently and in a team
● Computer savvy
● Able to use Microsoft Office or equivalent
● Ability to use the Internet

We have concluded our search for content writers and our application process is currently closed.

If you'd like to apply for future consideration, we will consider your application when we have further content needs.

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Kris Reid

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