Executive Assistant

Kris Reid, owner of Ardor SEO

Work with Kris to support his digital marketing influence via an upcoming book and global speaking tour.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work directly with Kris Reid, a passionate entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and renowned digital marketing expert.

This position is as an Executive Assistant to Kris: helping him be more productive and efficient by assisting with scheduling, coordinating the team and scheduling company promotions.


  • Exceptional communication skills. The ability to be able to craft a fun, creative email in a business setting
  • Exceptional organisational skills. The ability to be able to schedule many different tasks, communicate between many different people and get work delivered on time.
  • Exceptional reliability. No one will be looking over your shoulder. You need to be able to monitor your own tasks, your own time and be accountable.
  • Being flexible with your time. If you’re required during US or Australian working hours, you need to be available.
  • The is a results-based position. Our customers don’t care how many hours we work. They don’t care if we work 10 hours or 100 hours. They do care about results. Only results count. And that is what our whole company focuses on.

This is a remote job with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!


  • Work anywhere in the world
  • Manage your own time
  • Minimal reporting, minimal supervision
  • Maximum freedom

Salary & Benefits

  • 4 Weeks holiday – we have many staff from different cultures, in different countries. Rather than follow public holidays, we enable our team members holidays that suit them.
  • Salary – we do not limit salaries. If you can justify a large salary then that is fine. Salary should equate to the value that you can provide. We are a top line company, meaning that we add to a customers revenue. If they spend $1 with us, they receive multiples of that in return. The same is true for staff. The more value you can deliver, the more salary you can receive.

Podcast Management

customer service

We’re looking for someone efficient with awesome customer service skills.

Kris regularly speaks on a wide variety of podcasts (https://ardorseo.com/podcasts/). Some dedicated to Digital Marketing, others more general business.

He needs someone to take care of the following:

  • Networking with previous hosts
    • Receiving feedback and improving performance
    • Testimonials for Linkedin and promotion
    • Referrals from previous hosts. Check back every couple months
  • Offering a video audit for SEO on their website
    • Offer pay per referral program
  • Scheduling / Managing bookings
    • Research to find new shows
    • Make new connections and bookings
  • Promoting shows when live
    • Schedule posts on ArdorSEO.com website
    • Promote through social channels FB / LinkedIn / Twitter
    • Promote in relative groups FB, Linkedin

Sales Assistance

Our sales process revolves around video audits. People book a video audit through our website, from listening to Kris on a podcast or from our email outreach program (https://ardorseo.com/audit/earnworthy-com/). Kris then does a video audit for them and schedule a sales call.

You need to handle the following:

  • Scheduling video audit production
  • Delivering completed audits
  • Relentless / creative follow ups to get sales call booked
  • After sales call, relentless / creative follow ups  to get payment
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Check in with each customer every 3 months to see that they are happy
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Customer Referrals
    • Video Audit Referrals

Email Assistance

Interested in working with Kris? Apply using the steps outlined below!

Ardor comprises of 7 team leads and 48 team members. Kris receives around 100 emails every day and need help prioritising and processing.

  • Process task based emails
    • Speak with team lead to determine who should do the tasks and what due date
    • Add the task to Teamwork (Project Management tool)
    • Check that the task is done on time
  • Deliver work directly to customer when known how
  • Learn how to deal with customer requests and pass to team leads to process work
  • All emails that need to be directly handled by Kris
    • Add links to all emails in a single document
    • Prioritise emails in order of importance
    • Have Kris handle the emails

How to apply

  • Send an email to mycareer@ardorseo.com titled: Executive Assistant Super Star
  • Include a cover letter explaining why you think you would make an exceptional assistant
  • Provide 2 references, ideally from last 2 employers.
  • Find 2 podcasts that you think Kris would make a great guest.
  • Include your pitch email, title and body, to the above two podcasts