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Hi, I’m Kris Reid from Ardor SEO

I’m passionate about helping business owners grow their business and get more customers. 

I wholeheartedly believe without a doubt that the best way to grow any business is by getting your message in front of the very people that are actively searching for precisely what you do. And that my friend, is called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

I’m looking for a truly skillful copywriter to work directly with me to help improve my messaging and improve my impact on helping business owners. Let me give you a little background on Ardor and myself.

I spend my days public speaking, being a guest on podcasts and speaking directly to entrepreneurs, always talking about the same subject: how to get more customers to grow your business.

A few of my recent engagements:

See, everyone knows you need a website, right? But people still don’t really understand why! It’s to get you more customers!

It drives me crazy that so many web designers don’t understand this. They’ll build a beautiful website but who cares what your website looks like if no one can find it. A website is like a business card. A business card doesn’t work if you don’t hand it out, and a website doesn’t work if no one can find it.

And looking beautiful is not a priority. Sure it’s nice but what is most important is, your website conveys your message. It shows that you’re an absolute expert in your field and encourages the visitor to take action to become a customer.

The message that we always push forth to our customers is, improved search engine rankings are great, but they don’t pay the bills. New customers do! That’s always our focus. Getting the right people to your website and getting them to take action.

Who do we work with? Well, I love working with big celebrities like John Lee Dumas from EOfire.com as it puts our name up in lights and drives loads of quality customers our way. 

But we work with all kinds of customers because what we do applies to every industry.

From dog walkers to plumbers, corporate lawyers to printer repairs, hotel chains to coffee shops. It’s always the same process.

Find the keywords that your potential customers are searching for,  structure your website so Google puts it directly in front of where these people are looking, and then invoke these people to take action and become customers! 

Simple, repeatable and extremely valuable for every industry.

Though we can work with anyone, we prefer to work with ethical, sustainable, environmental and vegan businesses. It’s our preference to support those entrepreneurs that are focused on making the world a better place. We can use our skills and knowledge to help our clients make a bigger impact!

Work with an experienced team and make friends!

So why am I looking for a copywriter? Great question!

Some time ago, I wrote a book on SEO. It’s essentially been finished for about a year but we never pushed forward to publish and sell the book. Mainly because I’m not happy with it.

The book is technically fine. The book is called Ranked! And it follows the format of Ryan Levesque, The Ask Method. The first half of the book is my hero journey, a whimsical, interesting and entertaining story to build my authority and show how I came to be the coolest guy in SEO.

The second half of the book is the meat. It covers all the high-level concepts of SEO like keyword research, site architecture, content planning, backlinks, and conversion rate optimization. It doesn’t go into deep detail to make the reader an SEO expert. It gives the reader the high-level concepts so that they can understand what SEO is, why it’s so important and really, hire an expert to implement SEO for them.

I truly believe that if any business owner really understands SEO, they would already be doing it! SEO is the best way to grow any business!

Recently I read this book 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. Perry is a wonderful writer and provides so much value on each page. But the thing that I like most about the book as he’s constantly talking about revenue growth. Tying implementing the work back to the return you’ll receive with increased revenue.

At the end of the day, business owners don’t give a shit about SEO. They want more customers and they want to grow their business. Every strategy that we design for a customer, that’s exactly what we outline: spend $X and you’ll get $X times 10 return! 

A single page optimisation might cost you $500 to build but you earn back $500 a month, forever! What other investment will pay you back that return!

Our trusted customers often say to us, “I don’t care what you do to our website, just keep increasing our revenue.”

That’s exactly what my book is missing. It’s missing, showing how investing in SEO will grow your business. It’s missing how to measure the value between implementing each step and the expected revenue growth.

I love the old quote by John Wanamaker “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” 

That is simply not true anymore. With digital marketing, we can measure exactly who is coming to your website, where they came from and what they bought. We can accurately measure your advertising spend and the return on your investment.

Now, where do you, the copywriter, come in?

I’ve been trying to get to this project for some time but I just can’t find the time. We’re a rapidly growing company. I’m constantly on podcasts driving leads and we’re constantly getting new customers. That’s taking all my focus and where I want my focus to stay.

I’m looking for a writer that can help finish the book and make it awesome! 

Someone that’ll read the current book, read 80/20 sales and marketing and understand the difference. Someone that’ll listen to my speaking, my podcasts and be able to write my message, in my voice.

We’ve got a great platform already and are pretty damn good at marketing. So when we’re ready to launch this book, it’s going to be a hit! 

No Shit, one of our customers recently hit the New York Times bestseller list! We were all pleasantly surprised by that one!

Actually finishing off the book isn’t such a big job and it is a one-off job. But really I want to find someone that we can work with continually. Someone that can help write training programs with us, write in publications, media and you know that once you’ve got one hit book, you just gotta write a sequel.

I’m very flexible to find the right person. This is a big opportunity for both of us! And I want to ensure it’s a big WIN / WIN!

If you want to come work together in Saigon, to finish this project that would be super cool but we can certainly do it remotely too. 

I recently worked with a speechwriter to perfect my public speaking presentations and that was all done remotely. He did a great job with the presentation as what he specializes in, coaching performers. 

I need the person helping me finish this book to be someone who truly loves writing and understands the value that we’re able to bring to a business. You don’t need to understand digital marketing as we can easily teach that bit. You need to understand what we’re trying to achieve!

This is not a deal-breaker but it would be super cool if we could find a win-win and do a trade. 

Like Ardor is damn good at ranking websites, generating traffic and getting customers. It would be super cool if we could help rank your website and help build your business in exchange for your writing time.

Imagine if you had a website that constantly generated your writing jobs? A website that you could accurately measure how many leads and how many customers you’ll get each month. How much more secure would you feel about your own business?

Most businesses fail not because they’re not good at what they do or have crappy products. Most businesses fail because they simply can’t get enough customers. We fix that!

That’s the kind of peace of mind we give our customers. Stability! Predictable revenue stream.

Imagine what predictable revenue and security would feel like!

Plus, if we rank your website in exchange for your writing skills,  you’ll completely understand how SEO works and see first hand how damn awesome it is for business growth. Plus you’ll be indoctrinated on Ardor’s awesomeness, enabling you to write even better about Ardor’s awesomeness.

What do you think? Pretty awesome gig right?

So let’s hear from you. The short little form below you can input your name, email and anything else relevant. What I’m really interested in are examples of your writing. What have you done before? Anything similar?

If you want to include a video too, that would be awesome!

Show me how awesome you can write. Sell me on your skills and let’s make this a phenomenally awesome project for both of us!

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