Online Content Writing Jobs with Ardor SEO

The toughest part of the digital nomad lifestyle is the constant chasing after new clients for online content writing jobs. By joining the rapidly growing team at Ardor SEO, you will be freed from the business grind to focus on your passions - while expanding your skill set to include SEO expertise.

Ardor SEO serves a growing roster of mid-sized businesses around the world (printer repairs, drug addiction, yoga studios, elderly care clinics and more). Prospects for our content writing jobs would help fill content development needs, while also learning some SEO fundamentals. Over time, mastery of those fundamentals will expand your role to blogging, writing technical reports and analysing websites for areas of improvement.

Role: SEO content producer
Qualifications: experienced with web publishing, familiarity with WordPress, interested in doing creative work as a career
Benefits: fully remote (content writing jobs from home or anywhere), flexible schedule, working with professionals based in various countries.

Required skills
1. Proven writing ability. Send us links of your blogs and best articles
2. Working knowledge of WordPress. You know how to update plugins, modify themes and set up emails in cpanel.

We will train you in SEO fundamentals. If you are a WordPress-savvy writer, these skills can easily be learned,

Outside of meeting technical SEO benchmarks, there's no creative limit. In the long term you would be free to negotiate directly with clients and develop campaigns per your creative instincts. The sky's the limit. 

Send your cover letter and CV to

we want seo sales apprentice

To make sure you actually read the job post please send me the capital of New Zealand in the first sentence of your cover letter.