We Are Looking For Business Development!

Get a taste of freedom with the digital nomad lifestyle

Join our team On-Site in Saigon to help our clients get in front of their customers. Work on small, corporate and ecommerce projects and learn new things from a wide range of niches!

Our Company Goals

  • As a team of digital nomads, we can rely on our teammates to deliver results without the need for micromanagement or policy overkill.
  • We help our clients grow their businesses and exceed their goals, so they can use their time and resources to make the world a better place.
  • We think and work outside the box to create a predictable stream of consistent leads for Ardor.
  • We work as a team, treat each other with respect, and always keep the best interest of our teammates and clients as our primary goal.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Results-focused

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And for any further queries, you can contact us at mycareer@ardorseo.com.

Work with an experienced team and make friends!

Business Development - Job Description

Job title: Business Development

As a Business Development, you should:

  • Podcast booking
    • Research
      • Ability to conduct research: finding the right podcasts for the right client
      • Find names, contacts, useful links
      • Update and check research sheets with info
    • Outreach
      • Contact podcast hosts to introduce them to our clients as potential guests
      • Understand the needs of our clients and their specific requests (agree to podcasts in advance, updating intros, one sheets, etc..)
      • Follow up with unresponsive hosts (2 or 3 times)
      • Follow up with client to make sure that the podcast has been booked
      • Able to introduce clients to hosts that already have a relationship with Ardor
    • Customer support
      • Able to support the client in their podcast wishes and goals
      • Suggesting different podcast ideas to clients and explaining why they would be a good fit
  • Summit Outreach
    • Fan page management:
      • Act as an admin: approve and welcome new member; collab to find topics and write contents to post on fan page; interact in different forums to gain followers for the fan page
    • Social content associate:
      • Work with Marketing and Content team to write outreach/ introduction emails or order content for Summit fan page and website

What’s required of you?

  • Strong Communication: English written and oral skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to adapt and learn new processes at a quick pace.
  • Ability to be proactive and independent.
  • Ability to create a rapport with the client and podcast hosts.
  • Time management.
  • Attention to detail
  • Willingness to learn

How to apply?

Send your Resume and Test to mycareer@ardorseo.com and we will stay in touch.

A message from Ardor CEO, Kris Reid

We are a rapidly growing digital marketing company and we need help! We’re looking for world-class SEOs to come to join our team here in Saigon Vietnam and we have a lot of remote SEO positions as well.

What do we do?

So Ardor that specializes in Search Engine Optimisation. But our brand promise is not just improved search engine rankings, it’s increasing our customer’s revenue.
Search Engine Rankings are great but at the end of the day, they do not pay the bills, new customers do and that is always our focus. Getting the right people to our customer’s websites and getting those people to take action i.e. to spend money.
We grow so rapidly because we always keep that front of mind. Providing maximum value for our customers and getting them the greatest return on their digital spend.

How did we start?

We, Ardor SEO, started many years ago now, almost 10 years ago! Eeeck I’m getting old!
We started out as a backlink company providing support to mainly other digital marketing companies. We still do a lot of backlink building, especially outreach link building and guest posts.
But over the years we started providing more services to our clients. Like audits, local SEO, content writing, strategy design, and implementation.. We work with many of the worlds leading SEO agencies in Australia the UK and the US. They don’t outsource their work to us because we are cheap. They outsource their work to us because we are world-class!
Their clients need results and they know that we can deliver. Again again and again. Consistent, reliable, predictable results!

Our customers

We don’t only work as an SEO reseller we have our own clients as well. These range from eCommerce websites, to local service providers like plumbers and lawers, gambling and adult. You name it, we rank it!

Who we are looking for?

Ardor is constantly growing and constantly looking for the BEST people to join our team. We’re not looking for people that will blindly follow orders nor people that are just looking to make money.
We have a crack team of SEO wizards that LOVE what they do! Our team live and breathe SEO. They love their work, they love our team and they love building such a trusted powerful brand as Ardor SEO
Our SEO team here in Saigon is so dedicated and hard-working. I absolutely love spending my days with them. We have a lot of remote SEO jobs as well and a lot of our remote SEOs do end up coming to Saigon for a visit too. What a great excuse to come and explore Vietnam!
If you’re not just looking for a job but looking for a career that you’ll love and be able to provide endless value for fabulous customers. 

Yes, Get Me a Job in Digital Marketing!

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