Google Domination Website Strategy

Build Your Brand, Dominate Search, Generate Sales

Keyword Research

You’ve seen what we can do with just 10 or so keywords. We search for hundreds of keywords. The keywords that your customers are actively searching to find your products and services.

keyword research

google rank tracking

Google Rank Tracking

Where do you currently stand for these hundreds of valuable keywords? Once we determine where you currently rank, we can build a plan of action to dominate the other keywords.

Quick Wins Audit

All marketing is about providing a positive return on your investment. We find the issues that will quickly move you forward, drive more visitors to your website and earn you money.


competitive analysis

Competition Analysis

Who are your major competitors? We analyze why your competition are ranking so well and exactly what is needed to beat them.

Local SEO / Google Maps

Google Maps gets the lion’s share of all clicks. We look at the top competitors, determine why they are ranking and exactly what needs to be done to make you win on Google Maps.

local seo

backlink audit

Backlink Opportunities

The Number 1 ranking factor in Google is backlinks! We do a deep dive of your competition, to find every quality link that is making them rank.

Google Analytics Goals

At the end of the day, it’s not about rankings nor traffic. It’s about your website converting new customers. Only by having goal tracking and analytics setup correctly can you see what’s working, what’s not and how to best convert visitors to new customers.


PPC strategy for success ppc management min

Adwords Management Plan

Google Adwords is instant money. Turn it on and you’ll instantly get traffic. Optimise your campaign. Have it converting at consistent, reliable rate and then scale traffic and gain new customers

Remarketing / Retargeting

Using the power of Google Search Network and Facebook, target visitors that have been to your website. Remind them of your site with low cost remarketing ads. These ads will encourage them back to your site and to become customers.



Search Domination Map

Comprehensive blueprint outlining step by step, month by month, exactly what is needed for your website to dominate Google and generate the customers that you want.


Is there any reason you wouldn’t get started today? Let us help you dominate.

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It's about customers, innovation & forward thinking! In the time I have worked with Kris my understanding of SEO has been transformed. Whilst we had an inkling of the way in which implementation of SEO was headed, his approach and knowledge demonstrated a cutting edge understanding of how to optimize an online presence in SEO terms. On top of this he is one of the friendliest and most helpful service providers I have ever dealt with and is a pleasure to speak with.