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Undeniably, SEO and content work hand-in-hand. Without SEO, businesses may find their blog posts on the last pages of search results, where traffic is less likely to occur. On the other hand, ranking first might not achieve much if you don't include the right keyword phrases.

Hence, every business needs to know how to incorporate SEO best practices into their content. Unsurprisingly, to rank higher in Google requires the website to contain excellent content. Thus, churning out high-quality content isn't enough. The website needs search engine optimization too.

Ardor SEO is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping businesses struggling to remain visible in result pages gain more visibility and see real growth. Depending on client requirements, we write SEO content, press releases, and other optimized content geared towards promoting website visibility.

Our customers are scattered across the globe. Among them are several high profile businesses that are known for premium content delivery, so you'll have to put in your best efforts.

We are currently hiring freelance writers to join our team and enjoy the opportunity of working for high-paying brands. Check our job ads for available SEO writing jobs.

Previously, search engine optimization (SEO) writing entailed simply adding keywords to a website. Nowadays, as a professional content writer, your content needs to match what experts call "Search Intent." That means anyone searching for related keywords present on a website can easily find your client's site. 

What Is SEO?

ArdorSEO Team
Ardor SEO Team

Search engine optimization, called SEO for short, is the process of ensuring that a website and its content get visibility and become easy to use and understand on search engines like Bing and Google. An SEO writer job includes writing content for blogs, using relevant keywords in articles to improve a website's visibility, which subsequently leads to increased revenue.

What Is SEO Writing?

SEO writing is a type of writing which enables websites to become visible to search engines, especially Google. A highly visible site with a great blog post will naturally appear on search engine results pages when people search for that topic.

SEO writing entails writing detailed articles and content using specific words to increase a website's visibility and traffic. That way, search engines won't have difficulty understanding the content and the site can rank higher in search engines for the keywords they wish to target.

As our SEO content writer, you must be able to look at keywords, determine what people searching for those phrases will want to know, then write content clearly. You ought to understand how to effectively use keywords to enable readers to discover content online easily. 

Why SEO Writing Is Important

The higher a website's ranking in Bing or Google, the higher the number of visitors they'll get. More visitors can easily translate to more sales. Seeing as our clients depend on us to increase their brand visibility and boost their business growth, you'll need to understand what your job entails thoroughly.

You're a valuable asset to us as our writer, just like our customers, so be assured that you will be working in an environment that will allow you to thrive and yield better results. When writing, you're free to incorporate your own ideas into the article to make it more original. However, this depends on the projects you're handling.

Why SEO Matter

One SEO strategy called article marketing has existed for years and is very popular amongst some traditional SEO writers. Article marketing relies on writing many articles focusing on a particular keyword or similar keyword you want your page to rank for. Those articles will get posted to several sites on the internet to enable them to link back to your web page.
That way, Google can rank the page higher because content is king in internet marketing. While it's not the best writing method, brands and companies still manage to get their keyword and content ranked using this technique.
You only need to have basic writing and editing skills, to use key phrases, and incorporate related words to rank high on search engines. However, feel free to use your initiative and deliver original pieces that will increase our customer’s visibility.
Online marketing brands, companies, bloggers, and websites need great articles and blog posts to make their businesses successful. Thus, SEO content writing will always be in demand. As an Ardor SEO writer, you'll need to create articles that highlight certain keywords with great quality so Google bots can read them easily. 

SEO Writing Best Practices We Expect To See

As an Ardor SEO writer, we expect to see you do the following:

  • Write clear, engaging SEO articles
  • Use images to tell your story
  • Improve readability through proper formatting
  • Write what the readers want to know
  • Link to other valuable and related resources
  • Use keywords naturally
  • Always proofread your work
  • Create a great meta description and title tag
  • Never increase the word count by adding fluff
  • Manage your time and meet deadlines
  • Properly research unfamiliar topics to gain correct information
  • Engage the readers by using the appropriate tone in your content

What Ardor SEO Is Looking for

Ardor SEO is an online marketing company that's known for delivering results. We help our numerous customers rank on the first page of search engine results, increase their online sales and build their reputations.

We're currently offering qualified writers the opportunity to write for our high-paying clients and create content that will give articles published by Fortune 500 companies a run for their money.

Our content writers receive premium rates for writing great content. You can work from anywhere and create your work schedule as you see fit provided you complete your assigned tasks before or on the designated due dates.

As a top-notch digital agency focused on delivering quality online marketing and SEO services to numerous clients worldwide, we strive to boost our clients' employer bids or search rankings while increasing customers revenue.

We seek to increase the strength of our team and production efficiency by hiring new creatives across the globe. Regardless of your location, we have something for you at Ardor SEO. We want you to bring your A-game when applying as an SEO writer in our company.

What’s In It for You?

  • The freedom to choose when and where to work- you can develop your work schedule to suit your needs. What matters is that you deliver your jobs on time
  • Access to different kinds of support so you can put in your best towards achieving your personal and professional goals
  • Exciting benefits, such as travelling the world and improving your skills
  • A relaxed working environment
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Opportunity to work in a friendly atmosphere with creatives
  • A means to get better at your craft and grow with our brand

Working Hours

Before becoming our freelance writer, you've got to ensure you have a great understanding of writing fundamentals. Our SEO writing team members enjoy picking the projects they want to handle, plus flexible hours.

An SEO writer’s position is remote, so feel free to define your working hours. There's no specified working time. So you can apply for other roles that require your physical presence. That said, depending on our customers' demand and available projects, you might be required to work on a tight schedule.


  • A degree in English language or related courses
  • More than two years experience in SEO content writing
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics
  • High proficiency of SEO basics, for instance, incorporating keyword phrases into your work naturally
  • Ability to write high concept engaging content
  • Understand feature writing and how to deliver great web content
  • Ability to stick to deadlines
  • Willingness to learn new skills and expand your knowledge
  • Basic web design proficiency
  • Passion for writing and excellent editing skills

Our Company Goals

  • Helping our clients drive traffic to their website, grow their business, and exceed their goals to enable them to use their resources and time to make the world better and expand their services
  • We value teamwork, treat each other respectfully, and keep both our client and teammates interests at heart
  • We think outside the box to develop consistent leads for Ardor
  • As digital nomads, we bank on our teammates to produce results
  • We are not inhibited by policy overkill or micromanagement 

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