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Work Your Way with a Remote Job in SEO

Work in a growing industry with flexible hours and join Ardor SEO employees working in remote positions in top cities throughout the globe.

Ardor SEO is a growing digital agency offering top-notch SEO and digital marketing services to clients across the globe. 

Our services are not only directed towards boosting our customers’ search rankings or employer bids. We also work to increase our clients' company revenue with the aid of our remote and in-house employees.

To further increase our efficiency, we are growing our team.
With many companies hiring, this latest job alert ensures that we will continue to offer the best services to our customers.

As you search for jobs online, you should consider working with our SEO sales team where the opportunities to add value and enhance your SEO skills, such as social media and internet marketing, are endless.

That said, we have a range of different job types and vacancies to fill, so you might want to check and see what fits.

If you are keen to explore your online marketing and digital sales skills while also offering project-based strategy deliverables, then this job alert is for you.

You can receive the latest job alerts by signing up on our website or joining our on-site team based in Saigon or our remote team spread around the world.

There's an opportunity to work with us remotely from wherever you wish.

All that matters is that you help our customers get to their chosen audience, increase their sales, work towards closing prospective customers, and develop project strategies. You will also work towards client acquisition and generation of new sales, especially SEO sales.

Life at Ardor

ArdorSEO Team

Work in a Stable Industry with an Awesome Team!

If you take a position at Ardor you will get to work on various projects across numerous niches such as e-commerce, internet marketing, corporate organizations, and micro, small and medium enterprises.

Our company aims to build a team of digital freelancers whose employers can trust them to continuously develop marketing sales strategies and deliver fantastic results without the need for extensive micromanagement.

Our team is charged with helping our customers grow their company and sales, whether they are new clients or not. For more information, you can visit our website or contact our customer care. You can also find adverts for different job types and available positions there.

We also strive to ensure customer satisfaction by allowing our customers to use their resources to better society and gain more information through the innovative methods of their companies.

Our respect for individuality allows us to protect the interests of our team members as our business stands on the three core principles of honesty, reliability, and result-orientation.

We strive to think outside of our comfort zones to pave the way for constant lead generation in our company and related fields.

Job Brief

Among the many SEO sales jobs available around the world, this one requires you to effect well-crafted sales marketing strategies for various clients and employer bids.

The job involves understanding basic digital marketing principles and other activities that allow the understanding of employers' and clients' demands swiftly.

As a result, you will be responsible for driving and creating traffic and should utilize initiatives such as Google Analytics to track the success of the customer's campaigns, as well as their companies.


You will be tasked with developing and implementing SEO strategies for clients with the use of technology and valuable advertising skills.

As an SEO Sales Analyst, you should be able to present adequate SEO analysis coupled with recommendations on other activities that offer better opportunities for the success of client campaigns and websites.

  • Create good marketing content and content strategies for client’s needs.
  • Perform keyword and content research bearing in mind the business objectives of your client.
  • Assist the marketing team in the execution of strategies through social communities and outlets following the project's goals.
  • Formulate link-building strategies while also researching valuable tools for search engine optimization.
  • Monitor, supervise, and peruse search results and overall search performances across various search engines.
  • Manage and implement search engine optimization plans using SEO strategies, methodologies, and market analysis criteria.
  • Be up-to-date on new developments and technologies used by sales companies in the SEO sphere.
  • Offer diagnostic reporting on client campaigns and projects with the aid of search engine software programs such as XML sitemaps.

Skills and Expertise

Are you a professional who is skilled at managing people? Do you have an impressive track record of getting things done and keeping your team on task? We're looking for someone like that.

We also want skills including the ability to explain complex ideas in an easy to understand way that a non-specialist in the field could appreciate. We also want people with the ability to steer teams and clients in the proper direction.

We're always looking for people with strong digital marketing skills. Qualified candidates should have experience managing sales funnels, PPC campaigns, and email marketing.


  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing/Information Technology/Business Communications/General Business, or equivalent experience in the industry.
  • Possess more than one year of experience in SEO and SEM, including knowledge of SEO web analytics.
  • Experience with popular keyword tools such as Google, SemRush, Moz, etc., alongside dashboard building.
  • Possess the aptitude to understand technical information and programming.

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