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Search engine optimization is nothing without strong leadership. That's where you come in.

Who You Are

ArdorSEO Team
Ardor SEO Team

You've worked in or even designed and been responsible for search campaigns as part of broad-scale, successful digital marketing efforts. You know what we mean when we say "keyword research" and you're comfortable using Google Analytics software to perform SEO research.

You've done content development and made sure the writing worked closely with the query objectives for clients. You have a unique, specialized understanding of how SEO works to generate traffic, leads and business for the client and you're comfortable making data-driven decisions to test your strategies as more information becomes available.

You know SEO is a rapidly changing field and you've become comfortable taking in large volumes of new data, news and updates to develop and grow your understanding of the craft. You've worked with a team and know how to manage a crew from creation and ideation to implementation making it clear who's responsible for what at each phase of the SEO project.

You're far along in your SEO journey that you've realized some big successes with your SEO team and SEO strategy. At this point, you're not just looking for a job in Google ads or doing something as a staffer in a digital marketing agency. You're ready to do something more.
If this is you, then let's talk.

Job Responsibilities

Let's get deeper into the job description to learn more about what you might be doing with us.


Let's get deeper into the job description to learn more about what you might be doing with us.
Mastery of SEO best practices that you'll use ineffective implementation
Ideally, you've managed SEO campaigns, but failing that, you've at least studied them and understand what goes into building a successful search engine optimization effort. You've worked as or with a Senior SEO manager to understand and implement effective search engine optimization strategies.

Content Coordination

As a Search Engine Optimization Manager—or someone who's worked alongside one—you have a keen understanding of how the content design process works. You will have seen how a refined, clearly articulated search campaign can creatively drive projects to the highest and most successful levels. You understand how to leverage the core competencies of a company to manage and create stunning, business-centered content that best represents the clients and their respective missions.

Expert in Data-Driven Explanations of SEO's Power

An SEO manager enjoys creatively driving projects, but also understands that it's not all fun and flowers. There are metrics to achieve and targets outcomes to be met. The client is depending on the work to deliver in a meaningful and demonstrable way through a range of deliverables and performance measurements. Not all are relevant, and a technical SEO manager like you has the chops and understanding to know which ones to present to a client to show where your work fits within their mission.

Are you a Search Engine Optimization Pro?

We're looking for a senior SEO manager of your pedigree to help us manage clients with businesses in top cities throughout the world. We're proud of being a company that's able to offer unparalleled SEO service to companies offering needed, critical services to the world. It's marketing with a purpose. We're committed to creating a better world.

Here at Ardor, you'll be working to develop and grow with a team of technical SEO specialists, writers, and account handlers in a company with talent from around the globe. We're looking for not only SEO talent but the ability to work across cultures, time zones, personality types, competencies — everything. This is more than just another marketing job.

There's no value to just adding more jobs to your resume, another SEO entry, another company, another posting that adds just more information to your resume. Nix the waiting for job alerts. Let's add something special to your resume. Join the Ardor team where we're offering the experience of a lifetime, not just a contract. At Ardor you'll be working with an established company with over a decade's worth of experience in SEO marketing.

SEO Pros Wanted Now!

We're looking for ambitious, talented and growth-oriented candidates to help lead us into the future of SEO. The future of the industry is yet to be known, but the importance of strong leadership from an SEO manager is something our industry will continue to rely on moving forward.

We're excited to see what the next era of SEO holds and if you're equally excited and ready to discover what the next chapter in search optimization contains, we invite you to apply to Ardor SEO as an SEO manager.

Help us bring the best of SEO into the next phase of the industry. Join us in leading the next phase of web marketing.