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In a 2016 report, 82% of marketers see search engine optimisation (SEO) as becoming more effective, and 72% of consumers who searched for a local business online went to visit a store within a five-mile radius.

To an entrepreneur, such data is golden. It sums up as SEO is good for business, especially local SEO. So, book a free SEO appointment with Ardor SEO today and enjoy the same benefits and more!

It’s not often you can have a free consultation with a professional these days, so take advantage of this free invitation. You lose nothing, but gain plenty in the process.

With SEO in your marketing arsenal, your business will:

  • Generate traffic that leads, converts, and sells
  • Learn more about your target market, their behaviour and what compels them to buy or hire your products or services
  • Have a high-ranking website that results in higher conversion rates
  • Enjoy brand awareness, online exposure, and better returns on investment

But you won’t get to experience any of these if you don’t consult with an SEO company who can provide you with the results you want and need. It all starts with a good conversation.

And the only conversation you need is that with Kris Reid, founder of Ardor Media Factory and Ardor SEO, and the Coolest Guy in SEO. He will not only work with you to boost your online exposure and ranking on search engines, but also ensure you get the numbers you need to increase website traffic, generate leads, convert leads, and rank high in search engine results.

How can he do all of these? What makes him an authority on SEO?

The Kris Reid Phenomenon

  • He began the legacy of providing top quality SEO services and quality backlinks, one of the major factors in search engine optimisation.
  • His team is built on the principle that nothing else matters but results – clients satisfied with their position on the first page of search results, actual data that shows a huge leap inmarketing campaign results and business sales, and more clients hiring Ardor SEO through recommendations.
  • He’s madeArdor SEO synonymous with results and goals achieved.
  • The SEO services he provided have been given an 11/10 success rate, which pretty much says a lot about what Kris and his team can do for your online business.

Moreover, the company adopts an open-door policy to help clients with any questions and concerns they might have, and help their business thrive.

What others are saying about Ardor SEO

“One of the immediate draws of Kris’s program is high-quality content, with links that are done the way Google wants them done. If Google wants to give a thumbs up for this type of service, this would be the one that they would pick.”

- Jim Pepe, ‎President, Helix SEO

“Choosing Kris from Ardor Media Factory has been wonderful because he’s so easy to work with…very knowledgeable, and he does get results. And I’ve learned a lot working with him.”

- KevinLenon, Sponsored Linx

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of a thriving online venture? SEO is the very tool that will keep you from eating and spitting out your competitor’s dust. It is the best and most effective strategy for making your business or brand noticeable, accessible, and on top of search engine rankings.

In a nutshell, it puts your website in the top position of the first page of search results, which people tend to click first than anything else. If your website is on the top 5 or 10, you can bet the last penny you own that your business or brand will be the first people will visit and explore.

With a compelling sales pitch, you will be able to close a deal in minutes. With excellent customer service and aftercare solutions, you will make a loyal client base for guaranteed repeat business.

It is a fact, however, that conversion rates and SEO success are highly dependent on the strategies employed by the digital marketing company you hire. In 2016, the number of businesses that were happy with their conversion rate is a measly 22%, which is a contradiction to other SEO statistics. Well, don’t be part of the 22%.

Hire the best SEO company. Book a free SEO appointment now and speak to the SEO expert, Kris Reid.

You can select the time and day which suits you and let’s lock it in and get started on showing you how to get better search results for your site.

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Book a free SEO appointment now and speak to the SEO expert, Kris Reid.