Hi there!

So you’re thinking about booking a date with Kris Reid, Founder and CEO of Ardor SEO…or as he’s commonly known as: #TheCoolestGuyInSEO

Why would I want a date with Kris? I hear you asking.

First of all, Kris knows a whole lot about SEO. In fact, he’s reached Expert level. He can talk about SEO and anything connected to it. Need the latest buzz, tips or techniques?

Kris is your guy.

He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to page ranking, link building strategies, keyword research, reputation management, and oh so much more.

Aside from being clued-up about the world of SEO, Kris has also successfully created teams in various parts of the world and is able to manage them remotely while he gets his kicks doing other fun things.

Fun things, you say! Oh yes, Kris knows how to have fun. It’s not all SEO, marketing and business talk when it comes to this man.

Those who know Kris well know that he is a traveling man who has a bunch of crazy stories to tell. I won’t give it all away but being arrested, drugged by gorgeous women and drunkenly swimming with sharks could be things that Kris has done.

He’s also lived in NINE countries and traveled the world for two years straight.

We don’t have to list every thing that Kris can talk about, or do, but if you’re interested in finding out more (in easy-to-digest bullet point form!) then have a look at this PDF:

What on Earth Could You Talk About? Sensational Digital Marketing Topics (& Bonus Points)

So, what are you waiting for?


Book now and speak to the man himself.

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