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Cyber Security in New York City



Reported cases of data breaches in New York City are surging by the day. With cyber vandals stepping up their game, some of the most notable companies in the United States – with supposedly highly secure cybersecurity infrastructure – have been compromised. This has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars lost, as well as innumerable instances of data compromise that is affecting tens of thousands of individuals in New York, NY.

Interestingly, most small and medium businesses in New York City (NYC) presume that hackers would find them inconsequential due to their size, and consequently spare them. Well, the present reality is one where no pie is too small for these hungry cybercriminals.

This danger is not exclusive to only New York, NY. Cyber security New York City firms have noticed significant spikes in attacks on small businesses across the country. Reports from cybersecurity companies show that 50% of cyber-attacks today are directed at SMBs. More worrying is that 60% of the attacked businesses folded up within six months of the attack.

Even in the face of the gravity of prevailing cyber threats, many American SMBs don’t yet prioritize their cyber security. Isn’t this telling, given that 50% of American SMBs don’t have a secure company email?

What’s worse is that only 10% of American SMBs (some with the most exquisite business development models) have taken concrete steps to safeguard their customer data. These businesses, therefore, become mouthwatering sitting ducks, extremely vulnerable to phishing or ransomware cyber attacks, as well as other forms of cyber vandalism.

Are the stakes that high?

Most often, SMB owners in New York City (NYC) ask, “what do we really stand to lose?” when it comes to a cyber-attack. Here is the answer a top-notch security specialist will give you: everything!

To better illuminate the weight of the security vulnerabilities that firms in New York, NY face, cybercrime is predicted to cost the global economy $5.2 trillion within the next 60 months. In general, a successful data breach costs a company on average $200,000. Do you really have that much to spare?

Cyber Security in New York City

More than your reputation (as a reliable company in New York, NY) being tarnished in the event of such attacks (consequently losing valuable trust), there is the enormous cost of civil liability from customers and even law enforcement authorities. That is why you should equip yourself with a strategic incident response by understanding New York cyber security privacy policy and setting up steps to take in case your cybersecurity is breached.

Also, you would incur investigative expenditures for a cyber security analyst to audit your system’s vulnerabilities, resulting in costly time-frame and a potential loss of vital data to which you owe your competitiveness in  New York, NY.

How to reduce your risks of cyber attacks

With the said emphasis on the importance of cyber security, it is natural to ask what you can do to protect yourself and your business in New York City, NYC.

Always go with strong passwords

Any information security analyst will tell you that the first thing you should do is to increase the strength of your passwords. Weak passwords are a red-carpet-invitation for cyberattacks in New York City, NY.

Such policies favor longer passwords – usually combinations that don’t make sense that use very unusual characters. Also, strive to introduce and update new password combinations periodically.

It is a colossal abomination to use a default password for a software package. In fact, cybersecurity companies in New York City, NYC, come across this dangerous anomaly regularly.

Also, make sure your identity is extensively separated from your passwords. Undoubtedly, some of these hackers are smart chaps. They can accurately figure your password by permuting details about you, like your interests, children’s name, birthday, name of your dog, or your spouse’s name.

One “pandemic” wreaking havoc on the cybersecurity industry is business owners in New York City NYC using one password for multiple accounts. This is in part due to negligence– or the inability to remember– of New Yorkers who maintain multiple passwords for multiple accounts. The truth is, having just one password is unsafe, as cyber invaders will readily apply the password they extract from you across all your other accounts.

You should also adopt a password policy that automatically disables an account in the event of multiple failed login attempts. This should be a crucial consideration when choosing IT support service providers (like your software provider).

Antivirus programs are a must

In today’s digital ecosystem, viruses have grown complex. Your best bet would be to install antivirus programs to protect you from these cybersecurity risks that compromise your computer’s hard drive, its immune system.

An antivirus package searches your systems for any suspicious content. This way, the service provider can either alert you to an attack, or delete the content it flags off as risky. 

Just like humans, antivirus programs grow old and frail too. This is why it important to update your antivirus often to sustain the integrity of your cybersecurity systems. A good security engineer can help you get this done flawlessly.

Cybersecurity Worldwide

It is common to ignore prompts for scans from your antivirus, but this can prove to have unforeseeable consequences. Always allow your antivirus to scan your system when it prompts you. This is one way to navigate the vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity architecture.

You could prop up the efficiency of your antivirus with firewall systems. Firewalls work by inspecting incoming traffic to your systems and filtering off threats. This can be particularly helpful when an intrusive computer wants to interact with your computer.

Firewalls aren’t costly to implement. With most antivirus products, cybersecurity providers allow you to test the waters with a trial period. Some have very attractive terms of service, as a number of them don’t ask for your credit card information for this trial. Within this trial window, you can use the package for free and determine if it’s a good fit for your systems.

Be selfish with sensitive data

Yes, you read that right! Not just anybody – even within your company – should have ready access to sensitive data. Only specified users – and very few at that – should be able to access sensitive files and information.

Such sensitive details shouldn’t by any means be stored in computers where several users can access it easily. Simply put, individuals and departments whose jobs are not connected to particular data shouldn’t have any business with such details.

Leading information security companies regularly advise companies in New York City, NYC to encrypt very sensitive data like social security numbers. This way, for individuals who don’t have the decryption keys or encryption transformation scheme, such data remains gibberish and unintelligible.

Now, given that you are only as safe as your employees’ actions, it is crucial to prioritize their IT security education. Foremost, they should be cautious when sharing access to files and be mindful of the site page they visit (as well as the links they click). Also, each of your employees should be careful with the emails and attachments she or he downloads. 

Cyber Security in New York City

Additionally, they should rightly suspect unsolicited emails from unknown senders in NYC. Emails requesting submissions of passwords should be flagged. The same applies to emails with questionable grammar and information solicitation.

When an employee receives a suspicious email supposedly from a colleague that requests sensitive information, it doesn’t hurt calling the supposed sender (whose identity is associated with the email address) to confirm. Caution doesn’t hurt!

Finally, we highly encourage you to get a cybersecurity specialist in NYC (not necessarily an entry-level machine network security engineer) to work with you. Cybersecurity jobs in NYC are far more attractive now, with security monitoring fast becoming a big-time career.

If your job description perfectly captures your unique circumstance, it will not be hard to get a cybersecurity or application security expert with sufficient experience in NYC.

At Triada Network, your cybersecurity is their sole focus. They are the ideal technology partner to give you that peace of mind you have sought for so long. Schedule a free 15 min consultation with Triada today, and let them show you exactly how they will protect you from potentially devastating attacks from hackers.

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