Team Members - Phnom Penh



Anil Ramsey was born in Trinidad and Tobago and grew up in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from university in Canada, he went to Asia to teach English, and then stumbled into a media career that has been going on for over 16 years. Most of that time was spent working full time: in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Cambodia. Duties during those times included Editor-in-Chief positions with print magazines, a media director gig with a Chinese NGO, and a successful social media startup in Nanjing, China. At Ardor, Anil specializes in on-page optimization using web development, information architecture and content construction techniques.



Hailing from San Francisco, California, Daniel comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and business developers. He graduated from UCLA in 2014, then headed to the heart of Silicon Valley to sharpen up his expertise. Wanderlust set in, and so he landed in Phnom Penh where he began leading the Ardor team as an SEO Strategist. When he is not working on customising solutions to help clients reach their digital marketing goals, he enjoys spending time with his young family, dancing, and pretending to have a British accent.