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Search engines, including the world's biggest - Google, have stated that the need to be a HTTPS website is more important now than ever. As time goes on the algorithm is bound to change, and when it does your site might not be on the first page if it is under HTTP. This is where Ardor Secure can help you with your SSL certificate.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
HTTP is a website that's using a HyperText Transfer Protocol, which is the standard for all websites. If you're under HTTPS, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, it means that all of the information that's passed through your website is kept secure and safe. Most websites that operate under HTTPS right now will be websites that work with online payment methods to ensure that sensitive information like credit card details and other personal details are kept safe between the customer and the secure system.

Having your website under HTTPS has these benefits and more:

  • Increases Conversions
    As people see your site is using HTTPS they're happier to part with their money if their site is full secure.
  • Authenticity 
    It tells the user that the content in question is encrypted so that safety is ensuring throughout the process.
  • No Hacks, No Fuss
    Your details are safe, and the company won't see your credit card details either.

What Ardor Secure does:

  • A Full SEO Solution
    Everything is taken care of during the migration. 404s, redirects, insecure content and webpages, as well as doing a full check up to make sure your site is fully compliant under HTTPS.
  • Stress-free Migrations
    Ardor Secure have a dedicated development team that perform the migration as smooth as possible, fixing up everything before handing it back to you.
  • Regular Updates & Reporting
    We'll send you report from the initial process to the increase in rankings over the course of our work and once the migration is complete to see where your site is ranking after the move to HTTPS.

​Getting an SSL certificate can be a long process, with lots of loopholes and problems that can arise without an expert taking a look at your work for you, as there can be hidden content found in your website. The best way is to get another team to take a look at your website to ensure that your site is 100% secure at all times. Ardor Secure can provide you with the certificate and fully transfer your site from HTTP to HTTPS in no time at all, and we'll give you regular updates on the process. Sometimes it's not an easy ride, but we guarantee a fully successful process to give you the green padlock next to your address bar.

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